Growth Hacking Services

Why settle for the ordinary when you can achieve extraordinary results for your business? Work with a team of growth-hacking consultants who will execute, analyze, and optimize your marketing strategy for sustainable growth.

We’ll help you identify and capitalize on opportunities so you can achieve your desired results quickly and efficiently. Get in touch today, and watch your business take off.

Growth Hacking Services

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Invest in a Faster, Smarter, and More Efficient Marketing Strategy

Growth hacking employs product development and rapid experimentation across marketing channels to pinpoint the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

At Synapse Research Ltd., you’ll work with a team of growth-hacking consultants with a deep understanding of the customer acquisition process and the know-how to leverage technology that gets results. We’ll implement a data-driven marketing strategy that helps you acquire and retain more customers.

With our growth hacking service, you can scale your business quickly and efficiently.

Our Growth Hacking Services Throughout The Funnel

Growth is the only way to go if you want your company’s success story. We work with clients starting from initial awareness, retaining customers over time, and years of service after that, by working at every step of the funnel:

  1. Acquisition

We will help you acquire new customers through a variety of channels, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, and paid advertising.

  1. Activation

We will help you increase the activation rate by engaging users with a personalized communication effort. You can expect highly targeted marketing messages from us.

  1. Retention

We will create a retention marketing strategy to maximize the lifetime value of your existing customers so they become repeat buyers. This is one of our key growth hacking services throughout the funnel.

  1. Revenue

If it’s revenue generation that you’re looking for, we will devise a custom plan for you in order to maximize your revenue per acquisition according to your goals and budget requirements. We don’t stop there either, we also include services that’ll be long-lasting like SEO.

  1. Referral

We will make sure that at every stage of the customer life cycle, your users are sharing their positive experiences with others through word-of-mouth marketing strategies that drive referral traffic to your website.

Our Growth Hacking Tactics And Channels

We involve the following channels listed below for marketing and rapid growth of the products.

  1. A/B Testing

We use this method to improve the conversion rate of our website by testing various layouts of web pages on different audiences. These are the audiences against which there are variations in web page designs, the main goal is to have a better click-through rate that will lead them to purchase or subscribe for services on the website.

It is an ongoing process that we do, apart from which we also follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click strategies for disseminating content about our new product offerings via Google, Facebook, etc. through advertisements.

  1. UX/UI Testing

We follow this strategy in order to test the design of interfaces for our new website that is user-friendly and enables maximum conversions with the least effort on part of users. This helps us in refining designs so that they meet the needs of users most efficiently thus improving the conversion rate of your website.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization

This is an ongoing process wherein we enhance the abilities of the website so that it better meets the requirements of users and provides them with information that is more relevant to search queries made by them. Thereby increasing their satisfaction levels with regard to returned results when they do their searches. This also leads to improved conversion rates on web pages and increased sales.

  1. Email Marketing

We make use of this strategy to provide customers and subscribers with emails containing special offers and discounts on products they may be interested in buying or subscribing. It helps them save money when making purchases in form of discount coupons for use during the time of checkout which is a win-win situation for both.

  1. Content Marketing

One of the most important aspects of any online marketing strategy is content marketing. By creating valuable and interesting content, we attract new readers and followers and keep them coming back for more. There are many different types of content we create, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and more.

  1. SEO/SMM

Your site will be optimized for high-intent visitors with our best practice SEO techniques. This means that you’ll get more traffic, and your company could see an increase in revenue as a result.

Apart from these services, we also provide web solutions, digital marketing, branding, inbound lead generation, and landing pages services with help of our team of expert growth marketers.

How Does It Work?

Growth hacking is a powerful way to increase your business, and you need someone who understands how to design growth hacking strategies and execute campaigns that will produce results.

We’ve been helping companies for a long time, and here is the process we follow:

  1. Strategy Design

We start with your business model to understand your current user base, the problems you are trying to solve, the product features needed for market fitment.

We then do competitor analysis go through what is working and not working for them.

Market research is followed by finalizing a target audience who needs your solution/product.

After that, we study their online behavior and put together the findings to create a strategy.

After designing the strategy, we validate it through different routes such as client discussions, customer interviews, etc.

We then take our learnings and put them into a detailed growth hacking plan for your business.

  1. Campaign Execution

We have a team of growth hackers who work together with our clients to execute campaigns to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or grow a users base while maintaining a high conversion rate.

The purpose of these campaigns may vary from the simple customer acquisition of new users to increase engagement rates on websites or applications.

It could also involve generating reviews for products and brands, creating online buzz by commenting on popular blogs or forums related to your industry, or simply increasing website traffic using social media platforms.

Our execution process involves setting up user-facing campaigns, brainstorming, creating, and executing on different channels to increase user growth.

  1. Experiments Design

The focus while developing experiments is finding the right metric to be measured for a given task. After that, build an investigation that will either help in increasing the number of conversions or retention rate of users depending upon your business goal.

We do not just keep running experiments without setting up any measurable KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Instead, we set up defined success metrics beforehand and then pick through various options to test them with different types of variations like the type of content, placement, messaging, etc. To reach our defined success metric faster than others.

After conducting all experiments listed out, we compare the results and the impact on business growth.

  1. Analysis And Optimization

The experiments are then tracked to understand what worked and what didn’t. And how well or poorly it impacted user behavior when increased or decreased compared with the control. We then put together learning the scalable growth hacks into an actionable document that can be used as a reference in the future.

It may be possible to complete many growth hacking tasks on your own, but it’ll take a lot of trials and errors with time investment. But if you are looking to grow your site quickly (in either traffic or revenue), utilizing the services of an agency like Synapse can save you significant time and money.

Each client’s situation is different but our typical approach involves evaluating the current state of things (e.g: traffic), identifying what needs to happen first (based upon ROI), and then rolling out plans accordingly. Many agencies believe in a shotgun approach but we find that method often leads to poor conversions and excess spending.

Every project is different, but in general, we expect to begin seeing results within the second week or third depending on what needs to be done. The amount of time it takes for additional growth will depend largely upon your goals and current market position.

It all depends on your current situation and goals, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer for this question. Contact us today for a free consultation to see what we can do for you.

A growth hacker is a marketer who specializes in designing and executing creative marketing campaigns that result in rapid growth.

They’re data-driven and use analytical skills to identify patterns and trends. Growth hackers are also creative problem-solvers who always look for new and efficient ways to grow a business.

Our team utilizes a suite of testable, trackable growth marketing tactics to achieve sustainable growth for clients. This includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, and content development.

Yes, we do provide SEO services. You can visit our search engine optimization page or contact us for further information.


Trust a growth hacking service with a proven track record of success. Schedule a consultation with our team today, and let’s discuss how we can help achieve your desired results.