Influencer Marketing Services

Looking to jumpstart your influencer marketing campaign? Look no further than Synapse. Our team of experienced professionals will help you identify and connect with the right influencers for your brand and then help you create and execute a successful campaign. So what are you waiting for? Contact Synapse today and let us help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.
Influencer Marketing Services

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Turn-Key Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Consumers today are more aware of the brands they support and the content they consume. They’re looking to purchase products or services from companies that align with their values and beliefs. It’s why influencer marketing has garnered such a large audience worldwide. An estimated $1.7 Billion was spent on influencer marketing in 2016, and it is expected to grow up to $16.4B by 2022.

Because this industry continues to expand, companies should look for an agency that offers unmatched results and proven strategies. Our team of professionals at Synapse is up for help.

Utilizing the very latest in advanced machine learning algorithms, our team can extract actionable insights from a vast volume of social media data.

We provide unparalleled results while creating customized solutions, meeting your ROI goals while mitigating risk through advanced technology and measurable reporting results.

Our Influencer Marketing Services

Synapse is a full-service global influencer marketing agency that empowers brands to achieve their social media goals. At the forefront of social media market research, we provide innovative strategies and cutting-edge services to help companies tap into existing consumer communities and engage new audiences through organic brand advocates. Synapse offers a unique turnkey solution for companies looking to effectively reach and engage their target audience by creating custom branded campaigns across multiple platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, which includes:
  1. Dedicated Outreach Specialist

A dedicated member of our team will spearhead your campaign from start to finish ensuring seamless collaboration with internal teams and influencers alike.
  1. Continuous Analysis And Reporting

While we align ourselves with you every step of the way, we also provide a post-campaign summary of influencers reached and content produced for future use.
  1. Audience Research

We’ll work with you to understand your target community, their collective interests, and the unique ways they engage on social media. It ensures that our outreach efforts are laser-focused to connect with your brand’s desired audience.
  1. Influencer Research

Our team will consider various factors, including reach, resonance, niche area of expertise, and even consistency in posting to assemble a list of amazing social media influencers that will amplify your message.
  1. Creative Brief

Synapse provides all parties involved with the necessary assets and information about your brand and campaign goals, which can be used as a reference during collaboration sessions between both parties.
  1. Custom Strategy

Our teams work with you to create a customized influencer marketing strategy to launch and monitor your influencer campaigns from start to finish. We offer an unparalleled combination of research, creativity, and technology for the most effective influencer marketing programs available today. We’re able to provide a completely turnkey approach that offers a personal touch but still allows for scalability when it’s needed. This means not only do we find the perfect influencers for your brand, but we’ll also manage every step of the process from outreach to reporting making it easy for you to achieve all your social media channels goals in one fell swoop.

The Synapse Approach

Synapse is an experienced and well-respected agency in the field of influencer marketing. We take a comprehensive and individualized approach to every campaign, ensuring that your objectives are always met. Our team of dedicated account managers will work with you to identify the right influencers for your brand and will then manage those relationships to ensure lasting success. Our process includes:
  1. Choosing The Right Influencers

We work with you to identify your marketing goals and objectives based on your unique business model. From there, we use our expertise to find the best influencers for your brand, providing you with detailed profiles, including content history, audience demographics, and pricing information. You’ll always have complete control over your campaign. Synapse will never force an influencer on you that doesn’t fit your needs or style.
  1. Organizing A Successful Campaign

Once we’ve identified the right influencers for your brand, we’ll build an influencer strategy for you. We work closely with influencers to craft personalized pitches to feel more invested in the project. Our team also uses its expertise in social media trends to help influencers create ideas that are more likely to resonate with their audiences.
  1. Maintaining A Successful Influencer Relationship

We understand that a successful influencer relationship can be a long-term commitment. We take our role as managers seriously and work closely with you and the influencers you’ve chosen to ensure that your project reaches its full potential. Over time, we help develop new pitches for your brand, helping keep the content fresh and relevant. In addition, we monitor all conversations surrounding your campaign, so no comment goes unanswered or unmoderated.

Why We Stand Out?

At Synapse, we use advanced AI technology to identify and target the right influencers for your brand. Our unmatched client testimonial speaks for our ability to provide customized influencer marketing strategies that achieve unparalleled results. And our transparent reporting lets you track the progress of your campaigns every step of the way. Some reasons for standing out among the rest of the companies include:
  1. Advanced AI Technology

Synapse uses the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to determine which influencers are best for your campaign. This allows our clients to maximize the results of their marketing spend by spending it on influencers that have a proven track record of success.
  1. Unmatched Client Testimonial

Our client list speaks volumes about our capabilities as an agency. Our client list includes household names. We have also worked with many celebrities on various campaigns over the past years. More information about our influencer marketing clients can be found on our website.
  1. Customized Strategies

This is another factor that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Combining advanced technology with experienced people gives you a winning combination. We don’t believe in using the one-size-fits-all strategy for influencer marketing. This allows us to provide customized plans for each client’s unique requirements rather than selling the same package to everyone on board.
  1. Unparalleled Results

We are sure that once you sign up with us here at Synapse, your mind will be put at ease knowing that we have handled some of the biggest names in the country and delivered unparalleled results after time again. Our track record speaks for itself.
  1. Transparent Reporting

We at Synapse believe in complete transparency with our clients and provide them with regular reports on how their program is faring. We gather the data from our influencer marketing platform, where we store all campaign-related information such as campaign progress, influencers’ performance, etc. We provide all the necessary tools to track and measure results at no additional cost.

Influencer marketing works by identifying and engaging social media users who impact other social media users. For example, a fashion blogger with thousands of followers could be paid to promote a brand’s new clothing range on their blog.

When these followers see the influencer wearing and talking about the clothes, they may also be more inclined to purchase them for themselves. Influencers can be celebrities or people with millions of followers, but everyday folk whose opinions still carry weight within certain circles.

Influencer Marketing campaigns vary in price depending on the audience reach you need, etc. So, keep this in mind when budgeting out your campaign the more the demand, the more the cost. You can also contact us with your requirements for a quote.

It’s hard to know who to trust regarding influencer marketing. Not only is it hard to identify the best influencers for your brand, but it can be an uphill battle trying to convince them to work with you.

Synapse has a team of experienced professionals in social media marketing who can help you identify the right influencers for your brand and negotiate favorable deals on your behalf. We have a long list of satisfied clients who have seen excellent results from our influencer marketing campaigns.

Information from an influencer can propagate quickly and effectively to many other users in their social network, converting people into customers. It has been shown that when exposed to information through an influencer, trust levels are higher than when exposed directly.

This is because the person making the recommendation does not have a personal gain from the action, so their word’s credibility carries more weight.


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