Influencer Marketing Solutions

Leverage social influencers to drive conversions and provide more value to your customers. Synapse Research Ltd. will match your business with social media personalities for increased brand recognition. Build trust, develop winning partnerships, and reach new audiences with influencer marketing.

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How influencer marketing can propel your growth

Enriches your content strategy

Consistently producing informative and valuable content takes time and considerable effort. It’s easy to feel stuck and run out of ideas. Influencers can help fill the gaps in your content schedule and ensure you deliver fresh content regularly.


Social influencers are experienced in creating engaging and quality content. Influencer content that features a conversational tone and personal narrative helps humanize and differentiate your brand. Their endorsements can help you stay relevant and build trust with your intended audience.

Provides valuable partnerships

Launching an influencer marketing campaign is all about developing positive, long-lasting relationships that lead to long-term success. Collaborations with social media influencers drive relevant engagement which in turn boosts your chances of conversion.

Allows niche targeting

By collaborating with an influencer whose niche aligns with your products, you can showcase your offerings to the right audience. Product reviews from an influencer provide prospects with helpful insights about your brand and help you stay top of mind the next time they need your product or service.

Influences purchase decisions

49% of consumers reportedly make purchase decisions based on influencer referrals. Influencers have the power to inspire action in buyers and create a positive reception to brands.


Since influencer marketing already focuses on your target audience, expect them to convert faster at a fraction of a cost

Delivers greater cost savings

Best of all, influencer marketing is cost-effective, unless you prefer only to work with celebrities. The problem with A-list personalities is that their followers tend to be more generic. This means that while your message might reach the right audience, your chances of conversion are slim.

Working with micro-influencers can give you better value. Typically, the more followers you have, the less engagement you get. With micro-influencers, you can ensure your messaging is conveyed to the right prospects.