Mother-Child Social Media Growth

On Instagram, there are a wide variety of ways to build a following, some of which are really beneficial, while others are less successful.

Despite all the varied tactics, it’s far more challenging to gain Instagram followers in 2022 than it was a few years ago.

Instagram’s famed follow/unfollow strategy is a well-known way to get new followers.

Even though it is widely utilized, this method still works, but it is ten times slower than it was three years ago.




Mother child IG TW 25

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How does it work?

We first add your mother account to all of the child accounts’ bio’s, and with Synapse, that constitutes hundreds of child accounts. 

The child accounts will follow people who share your interests. Your child accounts will follow followers of huge accounts in the same niche as your mother account. The hashtags they employ can also be used to follow people.

Using this strategy, you may focus solely on growing your main account’s following by producing high-quality content.

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So what is the Instagram Mother-Child growth method?

Your main Instagram account is the mother here, while the “children” are the smaller Instagram accounts we will use to send targeted traffic to your main account.

Synapse’s solution operates the child accounts, which are set up to follow, unfollow, comment, like, and even DM other users about the mother account.


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