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Unlock your brand’s power to maximize the visual appeal of your brand and drive more customers towards your product or services. Reach out to Synapse for the best Pinterest management services in the market.


Pinterest is the Underdog with a Lot of Power – Synapse can Help you Unlock

When it comes to social media marketing, Pinterest is hardly talked about. But the truth is, when it comes to the brand’s visual appeal, no platform can show it better than interest. With Synapse’s Pinterest manager services,

Pinterest Management

Why do you need Pinterest for Business?

Even though people’s attention has diverted away from Pinterest when it comes to brand promotion, there is a level of visual appeal that Pinterest marketing offers that no one can match up to. The truth is Pinterest is one of the largest website traffic drivers in the world. And on top of that, it has 80% more viral leads when compared to Twitter, which, to many, has become one of the premium social media platforms in this age.

Pinterest Transformers Seekers into buyers

Use Pinterest to reduce the number of steps your customers must take in their journey to buy your product. The best Pinterest marketing manager can help convert visitors into customers faster than any social media. It all comes down to what Pinterest is – a visual search engine. It has become one of the best tools people use to search for ideas, and Synapse can help you turn those people into customers.

With Pinterest, you can drive traffic faster

You can put your website in any post you put on Pinterest. Naturally, it leads to more traffic. With rich pins, our Pinterest social media manager integrates your website link seamlessly with high-quality visual content so that you can drive more traffic to your website.

Pins allow you to get more inbound links

If you want to create posts that let you add inbound links on the image itself, try Pinterest. By posting the images alone and linking those images to your website, you can drive more traffic, giving you a wide selection of leads that you can transform into customers if you so wish.

Pinterest is compatible with other social media websites

We all know that social media is a joint effort – all the platforms must work together to help you deliver a consistent brand message. Therefore, Pinterest is compatible with other social media websites. Our Pinterest account management services include integrating your Pinterest profile with your Facebook and Twitter profiles and helping you generate content that sends a consistent message across all platforms.

Pinterest offers a High Engagement Rate

If you’re looking for a high engagement rate with your posts, Pinterest can help you. The images you post help you create a better and niche message that, when it reaches the right group of people, allows that to be shared properly – which leads to you getting a higher-than-usual engagement rate for your business.

Our Process to Help you Win at Pinterest

Our Pinterest management services focus on bringing the most out of your posts by optimizing them, beautifying them, and making them reach the right audience. These services include:

Pinterest Marketing Strategy Development

First, you pick one of the Pinterest managers packages that suit your requirements. Then, according to the offerings in those packages, we focus on delivering you the best results. At this stage, Synapse works towards creating strategy concepts for your Pinterest account. That includes deciding which pins to add to your boards to make you more appealing to your customer. The process also involves searching the keywords, writing pin descriptions, and creating a custom avatar that best represents your brand.

Creating the Pins on Pinterest

Once we have decided which types of pins to create and to put on your board, the best Pinterest managers at Synapse focus on creating the best pins that suit your board. When creating the pins, we focus on your brand’s essence and your customers’ buyer persona. The pins created will directly represent what you want your customers. For instance, if your business is eCommerce, our Pinterest creators will focus on creating buyable pins – pins that can convert your Pinterest board visitors.

Pinterest Growth Services

After the pin is created, we will focus on the Pinterest Growth Service, which requires us to spread awareness about your posts. Here, our Pinterest managers will create activity around your page, including promoting your pins to increase engagement.

Optimizing the Pinterest Page

After running a campaign to spread more awareness about your pins, our Pinterest campaign managers will assess the results and see the type of pins that get the most and the least engagement. We also compare the engagement with the market standards to see whether your niche of pins can perform even better. Taking those factors into account, our Pinterest account management services then focus on creating better pins.

Pinterest Reporting

Synapse then focuses on providing you monthly and quarterly reports to have you take a look at how much your pins were pushed to spread awareness. It will help you see where your business stands after running one month of the campaign. We then use the data from those reports to reoptimize the pins to enhance their reach and engagement.

Why Choose Synapse for your Pinterest Management Needs?

We rely on household professionals.

Don’t think of us as freelance Pinterest managers; we don’t outsource our services. Our professionals are in-house and focus on delivering the best results.

Only Organic Pinterest Followers Here

Synapse doesn’t resort to buying followers to show off numbers. We focus on a quality audience that engages and turns into customers.

Unique Content Available

We make sure that you’re getting good content constantly for your pins. We never compromise with consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start on Pinterest?

Starting on Pinterest is easy, and you must create an account and post-good-quality pins. Our Pinterest management services can help you in this regard.

How many boards does my account need?

You need at least 30 to 50 boards to establish a successful business account on Pinterest.


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