Public Image Consultation Services

Looking to overhaul your image and make a great impression? Look no further than Synapse! Our team of skilled professionals will help you polish your appearance and give you the edge you need to stand out from the competition. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new look is perfect for your style. So why wait? Transform yourself today with Synapse.

Public Image Consultation Services

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Image Drives Everything

With Synapse image consultation, you will learn how to bring out the best in yourself by having an outstanding look that speaks volumes about who you are. Our team of skilled image consultants will give you advice on what kind of clothing matches your personality type the best, making it easier for people to notice.

Furthermore, our image assessment services will help identify where improvements can be made regarding how to dress, communicate, and leave an impression.

You’ll feel confident with Synapse’s staff behind you because we know what we’re doing. So, our clients can leverage their look accordingly, depending on whether it’s personal or professional.

Don’t take our word for it. We’d love for you to check out some of the testimonials we’ve received from happy customers who have experienced great success in business due to utilizing our image management services.

What Can You Achieve With Our Professional Coaching Team?

Synapse helps you to make the most out of your image. You will learn how to present yourself in an attractive way, which may help you break down visual barriers. Your professional image can be used as a powerful tool that will influence the opinions of others towards you. This is why they must favorably represent you. Our personal image consultants can help you achieve:
  1. Inner Image Enhancement

A good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses is critical, whether it concerns business or relationships. So with our personal branding services, we help boost your morale by telling you what makes you unique.
  1. Managing And Improving Self Esteem

The definition of self-esteem reflects one’s self-assurance and how successfully one can deal with everyday pressures. Synapse’s team of image consultants provides you with the right help and support to improve your conviction and confidence, thus improving your self-esteem.
  1. Appearance Management

A Synapse image consultant helps create a positive impression by learning to project yourself in your best possible way. Through our training services, we will show you how to make an effective first impression and present yourself more effectively during interviews for work or at social gatherings.
  1. Gain Visibility

People who have high visibility are always sought after because they are considered knowledgeable or influential, this is why it is always wise that you seek advice from an image consultant that provides so that you can be seen as a powerful person.
  1. Level Up Your Confidence

The training helps to improve your public speaking skills. You will learn how to manage stress and present yourself confidently in front of an audience during business meetings or social gatherings.
  1. Master The Art Of Fit

We enhance your physical features through flawless clothing that is suitable for the occasion, usually clothes related to your field of work which would help boost your confidence level. By assigning a professional image consultant to work on the best look for you based on what’s suitable for your industry, it enables us to create an aura of respect around you, making people take notice of what you have got to say.
  1. Improve Communication Skills

Personal brand-building services by Synapse can help you improve your level of communication for better social interactions. When your social skills are improved, it helps you connect with people emotionally and makes building relationships easier.
  1. Leadership Development And Career Opportunities

Having high self-esteem is beneficial in many ways, especially when looking for a job or promotion at the workplace. If you have a positive public image, it shows that you can maintain decorum with everyone around, making you the perfect candidate that every employer desires for their company. With these consultation services by Synapse, you will be able to cover and correct your appearance and image flaws that may have been holding you back in the past.

Our Public Image Consultation Services

No matter the job, people are judged by their image. Whether you’re applying for a position in public relations or office management, your public image must appeal to future employers. Generally, hiring managers look for candidates who project an appearance of confidence and success. We offer comprehensive consulting services at Synapse public image consulting to help our clients meet these criteria to achieve greater professional success. Our services include:
  1. GLQ Assessment

The first step in our public image consultation process is the GLQ assessment. This assessment is designed to help us understand your strengths and weaknesses regarding your public image. It also identifies any areas where you may need improvement.
  1. Leadership Profile

Once we clearly understand your GLQ, we will create a leadership profile. This profile will highlight your key strengths and qualities, as well as the areas where you need the most improvement. It will also give hiring managers an idea of their type of leader.
  1. Image Styling, Grooming, And Wardrobe

One of the most critical aspects of projecting a successful public image is looking the part. Your image communicates who you are to the outside world before you even open your mouth. At Synapse, we combine our expertise in public relations and fashion to help you achieve a personal style that will make the right impression on your colleagues, clients, and consumers.
  1. Executive Presence

One of the most important skills any professional can have is executive presence. Without this ability, you’ll find it hard to gain respect from others or establish yourself as a leader within your organization. To help develop your executive presence, we offer training sessions for public speaking and interviewing skills (conducted by former executives), professional protocol, conflict management, time management skills, attention management skills (to handle distractions), and more. We’re confident these courses will give you the skills you need to succeed in any workplace.
  1. Global Workplace Etiquette

Whether you’re working with clients or prospects overseas, your public image must also appeal to them. Our global workplace etiquette services are designed with this goal in mind. Whether you’re preparing for a brief trip abroad or a longer-term assignment, we can teach you everything there is to know about international business culture, protocol, and expectations, so you make the best impression possible on your foreign colleagues, clients, or employees.

Why Are We Different?

We stand out from our competitors due to:

1. Experienced Consultants

We are experts in making you look good by pointing out your positive features while simultaneously burying any negatives. We will utilize strategies to gain loyalty from customers while creating media awareness for personal brands.

2. Customized Plans

Many consultants offer generic advice on solving image problems, but at Synapse, every situation is unique. We will achieve your goals before formulating a plan that perfectly suits your specific requirements.

3. Extensive Post Consultation Support

We will work with you to work on a tailored plan to your unique needs and goals. Also, we will provide you with extensive post-consultation support to help you achieve your desired results.

Image consulting is a professional service that helps people improve their appearance and presentation. This can include anything from wardrobe advice to help with creating a personal brand. Our image consultants work with individuals or businesses and can offer personal shopping, makeovers, and etiquette instruction.

Anyone who feels they would like to feel more confident about their appearance or presentation could benefit from image consulting. Our services are helpful for individuals, children, teens, parents, couples, and businesses alike. We have helped people find the confidence to network better, get a job interview or improve customer service skills.

Clients who work with Synapse personal stylist can benefit in many ways, including increased self-confidence, improving body language, understanding what works well with their body type, and lifestyle preferences, which ultimately help them make better decisions.

Synapse differs from competitors because our stylists are trained specifically to help clients achieve their goals. We offer a higher level of service, and the time it takes for us to get to know you personally to understand your needs better.

With competitive pricing, we strive to make image consulting affordable; there is no need for customers to break their budgets for them to look or feel their best.

Clients should contact our consultants as often as they feel necessary to reach their professional goals. Our consultations are flexible and can be conducted whenever the customer is ready to meet. Depending on budget and style preferences, we can schedule regular appointments every month, seasonally, quarterly, or once annually to ensure the best results for our clients.

Synapse offers budget-friendly rates that are competitive to similar companies in the industry. We also offer special discounts for clients depending on the frequency of appointments.


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