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Do you want your Rumble to be better and your channel to be monetized faster? Synapse is here to give you the best content creation services, so your videos are always stylized, on point, and worth monetizing.

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Why Create Content for Rumble?

YouTube still stands as a leading video platform in the market, but things have changed. It is not the den of the most creative videos it was before. Demonetization issues are high, and the platform is limiting how you can express yourself – sometimes making a deliberate attempt not to show your videos to the public.

Situations like these called for a better video-sharing platform that allows you to create contents that you want, share ideas that you consider are worth sharing and do so without the fear of getting penalized just because your perspective does not follow the norm. What you need is to create Rumble Content for your business.

With Rumble, You Get 10X More Money than YouTube

There are more than 51 million channels on YouTube, and more than 20% of them either are or getting closer to getting monetization benefits. But that leaves a big issue – how much can you make from the ad revenue? You can’t make a sustainable living on YouTube if you are a mid-level channel.

But with Rumble, you can change the game. Once you know how to monetize on Rumble and create content to reach monetization, you will get more money for fewer views.

With Rumble, You Have a Less Chance of Getting Censored

The politically correct world has bred a new crowd of people who are offended by everything. Mainstream video streaming platforms must bow to them, which leaves real content creators – one with excellent and creative things to say, in a rut. Rumble is here to change all that.

Rumble’s approach to video supervision is like the old days of YouTube.

While some guidelines are in place, none will stop you from expressing yourself. All you need to do is content Synapse. Let us work together so you can express yourself how you want without your channel getting demonetized.

With Rumble, Even Channels That Are Just Starting Are Winners

If you are a small-time video creator that wants to monetize on Rumble, you can. And even if you have a small audience, you will make money. For the time being, Rumble is allowing even the tiny video creators to gain big rewards. While it may be just because the platform is trying to get a foothold in the video streaming niche, you can capitalize on it early.


The Engagement on Rumble is fast.

It won’t take long for people to notice your video once you post it on Rumble. Within a month from December 2021 to January 2022, the number of monthly active users on Rumble grew by 19%, and there was a 27% growth in the watch time.

Rumble is just starting to hit the ground running. It is time that you make the most out of it with Synapse.

Our Rumble Content Creation Services

At Synapse, you will get a complete package of content creation services so that you can not only create great videos on Rumble but are also able to make money from them.

Rumble Video Ideation

Our experts will work alongside you to create the foundation for the videos you want to make. This service will include brainstorming content ideas that are valuable and meet the latest trends in the market.

Rumble Video Editing

After ideation comes creation, we will help you shoot the best-quality videos and ensure that it is closer to what you originally envisioned. Our experts use the latest tools to edit videos so that you have the highest quality of content before you hit the upload button.

Video Assessment for Copyright Issues

Before we upload your video, we assess the video frame-by-frame to ensure that there are no elements present in it that violate any copyright issues of Rumble content policy. You have a better chance of getting your channel monetized if there are no underlying issues present, and Synapse can help with that.

Video Description Write Up

Synapse conducts comprehensive keyword research and weaves them into the video’s description to ensure that your video gets maximum visibility according to your needs.

Why Choose us for Rumble Content Creation Services?

Rumble is a novel video streaming platform that is still in its early stages, which means the chance for early movers to achieve growth in the platform is high. But to facilitate that, you need assistance from experts who understand Rumble inside and out and know which type of videos have the best chance of getting monetization. That is why let us explain why Synapse must be your partner of choice for Rumble content creation services.

Understanding of the Platform

Even though new, Rumble has the same fundamentals as early YouTube, which Synapse has a deep understanding of. Our professionals leverage that understanding to create the best video for you.

Great Video Editing Tools

Your video deserves the best quality to cater to the high-quality audience on Rumble. Our experts use the latest video editing tools to enhance the quality of your videos.

Experienced Professionals

If you want to get the most out of your video content, you must trust the best professionals. Synapse has experienced professionals that ensure that everything is under expert supervision.



Frequently asked questions


Monetization on Rumble depends on the performance of videos. The more trendy your video is, the more money you will make.

Yes, Rumble pays content creators. Every new approved video makes $50, and videos that make it to the front page make $100.

Rumble has a standard process to create a free account.


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