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Get a great return on investment (ROI) from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn with our competitive social media management services. With the right strategy, your business can start growing its brand awareness and revenue through these platforms!

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Results-Driven Social Media Marketing

Drive Customers, Grow Your Audience, And Expand Your Reach.

Have you’ve been crunching numbers, pouring over reports, and trying to figure out how you can fit more hours into your day? It’s time someone helped take some of the pressure off by freeing up your time for other essential tasks, like growing your business. Let us be a part of that process.

Our social media services are built from the ground up to get you real results without wasting any precious time or resources on tactics that don’t work.

We’ll craft original content to keep things fresh and attractive, develop an effective social media calendar based on your goals, and schedule posts in advance, so all you have to do is approve them before they go live-allowing you to spend less time managing and more time growing your business.

Why Do You Need Social Media Advertising Services?

Social media brings together people from different geographical locations and backgrounds, sharing common interests. For many, Facebook has become an essential form of communication with friends and family members who live far away. Using social media websites like Instagram can help promote your business’ products and services at little cost. Synapse has a team of social media marketing experts who can help you create and execute a social media marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals. Some benefits of our social media services include:
  1. Increased Traffic

Social websites such as YouTube and Facebook have many visitors who spend time interacting with pages they like to keep up to date with the latest news. For example, a restaurant’s Facebook page will help it reach out to potential customers who have ‘liked’ their page and even gather fans for future promotions. So, with our services, we’ll help your page grow organically and attract visitors.
  1. Improve Your Credibility As A Brand

Social media websites encourage you to keep your content fresh because old posts get down once newer updates are made. We ensure that readers remain interested in your page as they never know what kind of information will be published next on your page. It helps build brand awareness as people may read about you repeatedly from different sources. Also, whenever they search for products or services you offer, you come up with one of the top search results.
  1. Increased Presence in Search Engine Results

Customers rely on search engines to guide them to the best websites to meet their needs. Thus, your business site must appear near the top of the list when related keywords are searched for. Social sites help promote your page organically so that you can be found without having to pay for listings. All you need is time and effort to create fresh content for your website, post it regularly on social media sites, and promote it through different sources. We have a team of experienced and talented professionals who can periodically update your accounts and keep the followers engaged.
  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Social media encourages customers to interact with companies about products and services they’ve used or bought so that other potential customers may benefit from their experiences. It is one of the best ways to collect unbiased reviews, which you can use to improve your products or services further.

Socail Media Services We Offer

Let’s face it; you’re busy! We know how hard it is to juggle a demanding schedule and still make time for social media marketing. So we offer a full suite of services to keep you ahead in the game. Here is our list:
  1. Original Content Creation for SMM

Creating original, engaging content is the key to success on social media. At Synapse, we understand this and specialize in creating content that will get your brand noticed.
  1. Social Media Calendar Organization

A daily social media plan is the foundation for success on social media. Synapse can provide you with a custom social media calendar to get your brand noticed and drive qualified traffic to your site.
  1. Post Promotion (Ad Boost Management)

We all know organic reach is decreasing, so it’s time to take advantage of paid promotion via boosted posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you have an upcoming event or product launch, we can create a specific campaign around this date to help spike engagement and increase awareness.
  1. Community Management

Synapse understands community management’s vital in the modern marketer’s tool belt. We offer both ongoing community management services and one-time community management services.
  1. Initial Campaign Strategy

Having a great idea is one thing but making that idea happen is another. We can help you develop and implement your initial campaign strategy, from the beginning stages to the finished product. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive optimal results for your business goals.
  1. Analyze Performance And Reporting

One of the most important aspects of running a successful social media marketing campaign is reporting, which allows marketers to analyze their performance over time and make changes accordingly. Our report card analysis provides real-time reports on how users are engaging with key content on each platform, so you know exactly what’s working and isn’t to increase engagement.

Social Media Networks That We Cover

Our social media marketing agency offers services for a variety of social media platforms, including:
  1. 1. Facebook

Need to reach more customers on Facebook? We can help. With years of experience in Facebook marketing, we know how to help you get the most out of this powerful platform. We’ll create a custom social media campaign tailored to your business and then help you execute it flawlessly.
  1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for marketing your products and services, especially to younger audiences. If you’re not on Instagram yet, we can help build an account and manage it for you.
  1. Twitter

If you need to generate awareness about your brand or product on Twitter, we can handle that for you as well. We know how to use hashtags and influential accounts to get your message out there.
  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals, but companies big and small are jumping onto this platform too. We’ll help you create a solid presence on LinkedIn that showcases your company’s image and fits in with its culture and values. We’ll design a custom campaign just for your needs.
  1. YouTube

YouTube is a great place to show off your product or service, and the best part of it is that you can easily embed videos on other websites to drive traffic toward you. We’ll make sure that your videos are optimized for search engines, so they still rank high years down the road.
  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is another social media platform where users share images of products, businesses, etc. This makes it an ideal place to market what you’re selling. To help you get started with Pinterest and digital marketing, we will create a business account that helps people find out more about your company and what you have to offer. We’ll optimize your pins for increased exposure on this visual web platform. If any of these sounds like something you need, contact us for a free quote.

Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of social media marketing companies, and you might find it confusing. How do you know which one is right for your business with so many options to choose from?

Here are some reasons to choose Synapse as social media marketing company to improve your social media visibility.

1. There Are No Surprises

Synapse always creates a social media strategy before starting. You will know what you are getting before you begin, and there will be no hidden charges or fees. Instead, we will give you monthly reporting to show real results.

2. Get More For Your Money

We offer more value for your money. Our services are affordable, and we offer a wide range of options to choose from. You can select the right package for your business and get started right away.

3. Low-Risk Contracts

Our contracts are all month-to-month which means that if you need to cancel our services, it won’t cost you anything but the last month of. Plus, we don’t require a minimum contract term, so you can pick up and stop our monthly services as your needs change.

Social media marketing services or SMM refers to running a company’s designated social media accounts. The focus is on posting content, images, videos, and other material that will interest your target audience.

The rates for SMM services are dependent on several factors, including the volume of work needed, how often you’ll want updates and whether or not you need influencers to promote your brand. You can contact us with your requirements for a free quote.

Yes, you can trust the Synapse team to handle your company’s social media marketing needs. We are experienced professionals with a track record of success in this field. We will work diligently to promote your brand and grow your online presence.

Yes, we can provide detailed reports of our work and the results. Also, we offer a review of work done and suggestions for future updates.

Depending on the number of posts required, timing can vary from a few days to several weeks. To get an accurate estimate, contact us with your requirements, and we’ll let you know in detail.


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