Should I go with an eCommerce Website? 5 Reasons why you should do it TODAY

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We know some of you are reading this title and wonder why someone should even consider this. But unfortunately, there are tens of thousands (At least) of businesses that are viable to go online. Still, instead, They keep their physical entity intact while preventing themselves from reaching new audiences from around the globe. 


They’re not alone – Many potential entrepreneurs miss out on an opportunity to set up a global shop. Unfortunately, that fact alone can lead to losing more than a decent revenue. 


If you still don’t believe how an online representation of your business can benefit you, this is why this article was written. It may take a few minutes to read it all, but trust us – It’ll save you the time of deciding what to do and how.


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Sell Everything, to Anywhere


If they can get your product, they’re good to go. One can set up shop for almost everything imaginable and in every sector on our planet. So if you know that there’s a community set to buy zebra-striped yoga pants, you’re more than welcome to offer them your black and white goods.  


With this in mind, you’re not limited to the people’s preferences in your block, and you can finally start working in what caters to you, compared to working in supplying things that cater to others.


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You’re the Master of your Domain


Stores in malls, halls, and any type of building are usually limited by size, design, and contract. When you have a website, you can launch it in any colour you prefer and add as many pages as possible. 


Every element can be customized completely, allowing you to show what you truly stand for and attract those who share your set of beliefs. Who knows, maybe those will be your new customers!


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You can do it from Anywhere


While many people talk about how you can sell your wares to anyone, you shouldn’t forget that it also applies to you. You can start working on your eCommerce website while sitting in a cafe in London and then finish everything when you’re about to leave your Air BNB in New York. 


The wonders of the digital nomad apply mainly to those who have an online business, and eCommerce owners are quite a percentage of that group. If you want to travel the world, maybe you should start researching how you can do it while you work instead of planning to save money after years and years of work in places that don’t really inspire you.


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This is the Reality


You may think that eCommerce is nothing too shabby, and we may have understood you – If the year was 1995. Today, billions of people use the world wide web and perform trillions of actions, including research and, of course, transactions.


When you think that eCommerce isn’t something special, you’re directly ignoring the statistics that prove otherwise. We’d like to believe that you don’t do it on purpose – But we’re truly surprised why you’d think so in the first place.


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The Risk is Much Lower


When you set up shop in the real world, you have to go through contracts, liabilities, and requirements, including dealing with bureaucracy in so many aspects. 


To start your online business, you need a website, a server, and a marketing infrastructure. What about the products? Many of the shops we see today don’t even hold a storage facility, which alone is why you should go digital.


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Ready for eCommerce? We Know We Are


You may see this article and believe that everything’s fine and dandy, but in the end – You may have no idea about where to start and how. At Synapse, we have a professional team that specializes in eCommerce, starting from creating the website and making it brings sales and revenue. Ready to see how we can do it? Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.