Top 3 Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

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In today’s digital marketplace, social media is key to building genuine and lasting connections with your intended audience. With over 53% of the global population on social media, any brand that wants to grow its online traffic and sales must have a well-planned social media strategy.

As a leading provider of social media marketing services, Synapse Research explores three popular types of social media content that can help attract and engage relevant traffic.

Organize a social media takeover

A social media takeover involves one brand or individual, typically an influencer, taking control over a social media channel belonging to another company or an individual.

During the takeover, the influencer will produce fresh and engaging content to share with the partner audience. Social media takeovers usually last between a few hours and a few days. It includes a combination of feed stories and posts with engaging copy and visuals. Ideally, the shared content must align with the core messaging of both partners.

Social media influencers have large audiences who are interested and listening. Partnering with an influencer is a great opportunity to get your brand in front of an involved audience that would otherwise have been harder to reach. This is particularly useful when launching a new product or tapping into other market segments.

Strategic social media takeovers can help humanize your brand. An influencer instantly makes your company feel more authentic, relatable, and memorable.

Hold contests or giveaways

According to a recent study about social media giveaways, 66.8% of the respondents said they hold giveaways on more than one network. 45.5% use Instagram and Facebook to an equal extent.

On average, 32.5% of businesses hold one giveaway per month, while 28.6% run less than one giveaway a month but hold various contests throughout the year.

When done right, a contest or giveaway is one of the best ways to improve brand recognition and build a strong following. It encourages relevant audiences to engage with your business and stick around to see what will feature on your page.

Many social media contests involve liking and sharing a post or leaving comments. You can do sweepstakes, run a photo and caption contest, and more. Just make sure the type of contest or giveaway you choose aligns with your branding and marketing goals.

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Share behind-the-scenes content

With 86% of companies using video as a marketing tool, one way to make your brand stand out is to share behind-the-scenes (BTS) content.

Behind-the-scenes footage can add a personal touch to your social media channel. It allows your target market to develop a deeper understanding of your products and services, the inspiration and hard work behind the project, and the values your brand upholds.

BTS content can also involve an exclusive tour of your office or site, which can help inspire trust and credibility. Posting interviews of the team behind the brand is a great way to turn any corporate business into one that is more approachable, friendly, and human.

Elevate your social media content with Synapse

Ultimately, the right type of social media content will depend on your goals, brand voice, and niche. When done correctly, social content has the potential to spark conversations, make lasting connections, and keep your brand ahead of the competition.

At Synapse, we’ll produce fresh and attractive content that aligns with your branding and build a social media calendar based on your goals. Contact us now for a free consultation.