The 3 Social Networks you need to Use if you aim for the Younger Audiences

The 3 Social Networks you need to Use if you aim

It doesn’t matter if we like Social Networks or not, but there’s a known fact in the marketing world – Getting into the young audience is more than worth the money, time, and effort. 

Brands worldwide have spent trillions of dollars over recent decades just to try and get a grip over the most enthusiastic crowds. Most of the businesses would want to get even a tiny percentage of their findings. While the topic as a whole is fascinating by itself, in this article, we’ll focus on the where aspect or in other words: If you try to reach kids and teenagers on a different platform, you’re probably doing it wrong (At least if we’re talking about the first months of 2021 – Who knows what will come next?)


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The ideal of beauty, or at least the modern one.

Instagram became the heir to the youngsters’ throne after violently replacing Snapchat’s role (Spoiler: Snapchat isn’t going to be one of the 3). Many kids with an emphasis on teenagers do everything there and talk to others instead of using Whatsapp. As a tool bought by Facebook, you can combine the good parts of those worlds and enjoy exceptional targeting abilities that’ll help you create an enormous impact, as long as you know what you’re doing.

When it comes to pretty visuals and short texts, Instagram is the right place to post them, along with stories that are the new way for our society just to throw anything that comes into mind. If you want your business to thrive there, you need to adapt to this method of life by yourself.


Tiktok Youtube Banner - hot tiktok 2020

Chinese government? It doesn’t matter when all of your classmates are using the latest under 20 app. This platform (Known before as Musically) made Instagram “look old” for some of its core members, and its rank on the popularity meter keeps rising to the top. 

This platform is focused on short videos and effects and lip-syncing with various scenes and soundtracks. If you want an innovative way to send your message and interact with customers, TikTok may be the best choice to go with. Do remember: Instagram launched its competitor with Tiktok (Known as Instagram Reels), and Tiktok also has an interesting algorithm that allows specific videos to run for days, weeks, and even months without stopping – As long as you keep people interested for long enough.


YouTube Banner Size & YouTube Channel Art Size Guide | June 2021

The youngest and most innovative platform of this trio is where everyone gathers (Even our parents and grandparents already know the drill). Youtube offers decades of videos from all genres, audiences, and interests, creating a robust set of information, humor, ideas, and much more. 

If you thought kids have a short temper and even shorter patience, it’s interesting to see how they can watch videos of 10+ minutes and even twice as much without flinching. A friendly reminder: If you have the resources to invest in creating quality videos, this one’s for you – And the potential is more significant than ever, with videos that keep getting views, clicks, and interest since its foundation in 2005.

Choose or just Take it All

Those three platforms may seem trivial and similar at first glance, but you’ll see that there are major differences between every one of them when examining things further. Suppose you want to promote your business effectively. In that case, you do need to find the right balance and organize the media according to your strategy and goals to maximize the potential you can get from each media stream.

At Synapse, we excel in creating quality content and marketing campaigns for the younger audiences, and we invite you to check our skills and knowledge so you can finally reach one of the toughest crowds to get a reaction from

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The 3 Social Networks you need to Use if you aim for the Younger Audiences