How did it Happen? Some Interesting Digital Marketing Statistics and what we can Learn from Them

How did it happen?

Finding something that you can’t argue with is indeed a refreshing change in this day and age.

Gladly, the world of statistics is only on its first steps towards evolving. However, considering the never-seen capabilities of current data tools and platforms, we have a lot more to expect in the future.

Until then, we have reviewed some findings that we felt are more than essential – They grant us a brighter picture and let us focus on the actual situation instead of entering a guessing game that ensures that we’ll lose in some way or another. 

Do remember – Those are just a few examples from an enormous iceberg that we know as the digital marketing world. If you liked those tidbits, we expect that you’ll conduct further research on your own – Because it’ll be worth it.

Almost 80% of Internet Traffic Comes from Mobile Devices


Securing mobile devices, apps, and users should be every CIO's top priority - Help Net Security














To be honest, those numbers aren’t something new – This is the way things go for at least 5 years. However, many people don’t grasp the actual number. It’s not 50-50, and it’s not two-thirds. It’s 4 out of 5 people almost everywhere. So even though it makes sense and we keep saying the numbers are on the rise, it’s still mind-blowing: Your digital assets must be mobile-worthy, and there’s no trying in denying it. 

any content, you need to make sure it’ll be shown the way it should on the mobile device, and it doesn’t matter if the desktop version looks stunning. Unfortunately, those numbers aren’t going to decline soon, and you must act accordingly. 

Average Daily Sessions on Digital Media: Almost 8 Hours


The impact of technology and social media on the music industry | Econsultancy















You may say it’s exaggerated, you may think that this metric is talking about other people than you, but truth be told – You’re probably a part of the statistics, and you may even waste more time every day. 

This means that people consume digital content like there’s no tomorrow, at a rate that’s bigger than their actual work and learning sessions. The answer to this is simple – They want content? They’ll get it. Get the article, videos, communities, and activities cannons roaring because you have quite a while of exposure you need to fix in your location.

Cyber Attacks and Ad Frauds are 15% More Prominent Compared to 2019

Did you think that hackers are a thing of the past? Think again – They cost businesses in the US over 16 billion dollars annually. 

The hacking methods got smarter, trickier and much harder to notice – And your social ads can be their prime target: For example, the issue of automation fake clicks to ads on Google, Taboola, Outbrain, etc. is on the rise, with enormous sums of money lost due to that reason alone.

When you grasp that nothing’s 100% safe, you change your alert level, and that alone can prevent the next digital disaster.

60% of Marketing Experts Have no Idea About Digital Marketing Basics

The fact that the term “Digital Marketing” has “Marketing” in it doesn’t indicate that they’ll know what to do when the time to prove their knowledge and experience comes. This metric refers mainly to website owners and operators, but as we already know, many of them have direct responsibility for the website. 

We’re not talking about technical terms such as FTP management, domain, storage handling, etc. We’re talking about content, SEO features, and such. With that in mind, a marketer who isn’t familiar with one of the most critical marketing prospects raises a thought about the whole situation.

If you’re one of those, it’s time to take a digital marketing course – Don’t be shy. It’s worth it!

Tiktok is Destined to Increase by 44% While Facebook only Estimates at 5%

Isn’t Facebook the more prominent player?


So how come there’s a 44% increase?

It is simple, Tiktok is one of the hungriest social networks, and it aims for the big pot – Even if it means declaring war on the giant corporations to ever exist in history.

However, we must take some things you need to consider

Facebook has been in its prime for years, and when you’re at the top, the % of change can’t be the same as it used to be 10 years ago

5% when you’re Facebook is still billions upon billions of dollars

Facebook has Instagram and Whatsapp in its arsenal

Tiktok targets the younger audiences, and since they keep thriving – The numbers go up as well

Does it mean that you need to panic? Hell no. It means that if you haven’t researched if your brand needs to be on Tiktok, you need to do it ASAP.

It’s Time to Sum the Numbers

As we’ve mentioned, those are just mere tastes from the brighter image. If you want to go deeper, you must schedule dozens of hours into the matter – Or find someone who already did it. We can save you the time, the experiments, and the trouble using our dedicated line of experts that’ll be ready to serve you no matter how much your brand weighs in gold. Ready to go?