Stuck on your Posts? Check out these 5 Prime Ideas for Amazing Content Pieces

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“What’s the problem in doing social media? You write posts and upload them”


Oh, if we had a penny for every time we’ve heard that – we would’ve used the funds to record all the people who’ve said that and then changed their mind after understanding it’s much more.


How come? Because being a social media manager requires you to constantly find innovative and refreshing ideas. While it doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel, it does mean that if you’re not ready for it, you’ll soon run out of steam and wonder how you thought it was so easy.


Instead of sobbing, we believe in preventing this situation in the first place. That’s why we’ve gathered some critical elements for your comfort. Each is the key to creating dozens of posts, so please dedicate a few minutes to filling your calendar for the following year!


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Polls and Questions


Instead of sitting and thinking for yourself every time, it’s time to let your followers do the talking. First, pick at least two options that relate to your business (i.e., if you’re clothing apparel, you can ask about a favourite type of cloth or choose between various designs).


It doesn’t end here: You can also create detailed polls that ask your userbase to explain their opinion and share thoughts – or you can also quiz them with questions regarding your brands, collection, history, and more. In that case, we offer to suggest a prize in return for the best answer.


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Behind the Scenes


If you want people to follow your business page, it’s best advised to give them content they can’t find anywhere else. An excellent way to deliver that is by producing unique content for you. How? Sharing things about what you develop, work on, a new project, updates from teammates, and much more. 


The beauty in that is simple: Theoretically, you have infinite daily opportunities. It can be a photo before a meeting, your preparations for an event, meeting exciting clients, and so on. So when you look at your calendar as exciting events, we’re sure it’ll come to you, naturally!


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Testimonials and Recommendations


How can you get two birds with one stone? Easily.


By posting a testimonial!

Think about it – this is a post like all the others, but it gives you a boost that will almost always be better than posts where you describe how you’re better than others. To be precise, even if the recommending customer says the exact text as your promotional vid, it’ll be viewed differently than a regular post.

This concept is known as social proof, and the more you have of them (especially if they come from a celeb, an influencer, a reliable person, and so forth) – your conversion and awareness rates can increase dramatically. 


So the next time you get a compliment from a customer, it’s your chance to turn it into a new post!


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Your followers are why you’re doing this, and your customers are the core engine for managing the capability and funds to start a social network entity. 


If so, we advise you to consume one post slot and craft a message describing what you feel – gratitude. 


A thank you note for those who made it happen, for returning customers, for reviews, and so on. If it’s genuine, people will appreciate it, and it may even fuel future purchases and leads.


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Common Questions & Unique Answers


Well, every business is facing various questions. While some of them may be returning every day anew, here’s a chance to turn them into something powerful: Get a question and answer it in a non-monotonic way: Using a video, creating an infographic, and everything else that comes to mind. Why? Because you can use it the next time, someone asks you and even raise the bar at your market.


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Here’s an Idea: Work with the Pros


Those suggestions can become a part of your business in a few days. However, if you want to keep it in the long run, and we can’t state it otherwise: You need to have a professional team to handle all of those tasks. Ready to see how? Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.