Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the Incredible Difference?

branding vs. marketing

Branding vs. Marketing: how does a company introduce itself to new or potential customers?  Anyone can get behind the idea of ‘the more people that know about your business, the better, but it’s important to understand what each entails.  So, to know the difference between branding vs. marketing, this article will show you more about […]

Branding on Social Media: What Should I Avoid

branding on social media

Branding online has made it easier than ever for businesses to market their products and services, it has also given them greater access to consumers’ personal lives. Social media only enables these efforts by making everything easily accessible via smartphones, tablets, or laptops.  With that said, many companies are trying to establish stronger online branding […]

5 Inexpensive Branding Strategies for Businesses

branding strategies

Branding strategies aren’t just for big businesses. You can build a strong brand even when you’re still in the early stages of your company’s life — and these five inexpensive branding strategies will help get you started. Branding Strategies and How to Build Your Reputation Early On                 […]

The Brand Building Process: What Are the Steps in Effective Branding

brand building process

To have a successful brand building process, you have to understand what it takes to build one. There are several steps that need to be taken in effective branding. It is not just about having an innovative product or service, but also how your company can effectively communicate its marketing message to consumers so they […]