7 Google Traffic Tips: How to Optimize Websites?

Google traffic

You’ve probably heard at some point that a website’s #1 goal should be to get free Google traffic. All businesses are built on this premise and dedicated to bringing you as many free visitors from Google as possible through Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Essentially, SEO is the process of optimizing your site, so it […]

Google My Business: A Full Definitive Guide

Google My Business

Google is a vital resource in the modern world. No matter what device you use, Google has something for you with its video search engine YouTube and voice assistant, Google Assistant. One of the most popular tools they  have now is the Google My Business, and with its features, i’s no wonder, so many people […]

Google Ads: An Ultimate Guide to the New Advertising

Google Ads

Are you planning to spend your money on ads for you to reach your goal audience? First, you must put your money in the right place, like Google Ads, where there are about 259 million unique visitors and 4.8 billion daily interactions. Nowadays, if you’re more focused on your paid campaign and it is more […]

5 Rules to Pick a good Keyword in Google Ads

5 Rules to Pick a good Keyword in Google Ads - Synapse

Google’s search campaign option is one of the most interesting platforms to advertise with. While seeming simple due to its text-based layout, creating a good search network campaign requires quite some technical knowledge, followed by the logical tasks of writing a solid ad in less than 270 characters. One of the most important things you […]