The Battle of the Giants: Who’ll win the Gruesome Tiktok/Instagram Fight 2021?

Battle of the giants

The digital arena knows many stories about battles between social networks (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc), but it seems there was never anything like it when it comes to this particular story. On one side, we see Tiktok, a platform known before Musical.ly that got its share of fame. Still, after the rebranding phase – Things […]

A Disease and its Digital Impact: How Does Digital Marketing Look After Covid19?

Digital impact

Our history features many important events, but when it comes to plagues, the covid19 stands in front with only a selected few that managed to affect the world in a way we never thought was possible (At least at that rate).  This epidemic had changed our perspective and work methods regarding many things, but in […]

The Digital Dilemma for Business Owners: Should You Learn Digital Marketing?

Number 1 Digital Marketing Dilemma for Business Owners

  Here are some sentences that’ll probably make any business owner agree: No one will have a better interest in the business’s succession beside you No one 100% understands your needs and complexity of your business as you do If it’s needed for the business’s growth, no one will have more motivation than you With […]

7 Questions you Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Campaign

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Campaign

Creating a marketing campaign is a great course of action, but if you thought that the train of thought’s final station is set in this part, you’re pretty wrong. As a matter of fact, the act of starting a campaign may require you some time and resources, but by asking the right questions – You’ll […]