What Are the Different Types of Social Media?

social media types

We all know that social media is an integral part of our modern lives. Around two billion people around the globe are on some form of social media, and by 2020 there will be more than three billion of us participating. And while most people think of Facebook as the biggest player in town (and […]

What Are the Most Effective Social Media Ads in 2021

social media ads

What are the most effective types of social media ads this 2021? Social media advertising has evolved significantly over the past few years- while Facebook and Twitter are still two of the most commonly used platforms for social media advertising, other social media networks have also become popular.  Here are some of the most common […]

Branding on Social Media: What Should I Avoid

branding on social media

Branding online has made it easier than ever for businesses to market their products and services, it has also given them greater access to consumers’ personal lives. Social media only enables these efforts by making everything easily accessible via smartphones, tablets, or laptops.  With that said, many companies are trying to establish stronger online branding […]

How Can I Make Money as a Social Media Influencer? Here Are Some Ways

social media influencer

A social media influencer is a trending type of advertiser business can hire. Whether you need one or you want to be one, it is essential to know how an influencer can make money on their social media platforms. It’s not that hard to do; all you need is to do the right campaigns and […]