Discord’s Growing Demographic: Building communities for users

A Comprehensive Guide to Discord

According to a market research company, Business of Apps, Discord garnered around 10 million monthly active users (MAUs) in 2017, which grew to 140 million MAUs in 2021. When the app was first launched, it appealed to many people because of the feature that allowed users to create unmoderated private servers. The servers were then […]

The Battle of the Giants: Who’ll win the Gruesome Tiktok/Instagram Fight 2021?

Battle of the giants

The digital arena knows many stories about battles between social networks (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc), but it seems there was never anything like it when it comes to this particular story. On one side, we see Tiktok, a platform known before Musical.ly that got its share of fame. Still, after the rebranding phase – Things […]

Great Tweets to Post: 5 Amazing Tips You Can Follow

great tweets to post

Looking for great tweets to post for your upcoming event? If you’re a player in the universal field (Or at least in the US), Tweets on Twitter is a crucial way to go. This social network holds millions upon millions of users daily, who seek to get all the recent updates, jokes, drama, and whatnot. […]

The 3 Social Networks you need to Use if you aim for the Younger Audiences

The 3 Social Networks you need to Use if you aim

It doesn’t matter if we like Social Networks or not, but there’s a known fact in the marketing world – Getting into the young audience is more than worth the money, time, and effort.  Brands worldwide have spent trillions of dollars over recent decades just to try and get a grip over the most enthusiastic […]