The 5 Principles Behind Succesful Content Writers

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Everyone has thoughts running through their heads and the will to let them flow into the world in a way that’ll make people understand and be by you.


For that prime reason, people have always admired those with writing skills. They have enjoyed reading their books, articles, and much more – and that’s why content marketing and blog posts keep working wonders. They make people react, perform actions and even change their life perspectives.


If you want to harness this power, you need to learn the art of transforming ideas into words and placing them in the correct order to create an impact. Sounds technical? Because, in some manner, it is. Most articles that can be considered good are based on a formula – and now you can learn and implement it yourself, following the next steps.


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They Understand the most Basic Marketing Idea


Remember the rule that we said in the previous paragraph? This is the best example in action. You (almost) can’t find an article that makes people convert without following simple to grasp, the hard-to-master principle that just works:


The Intro – includes a great title (we’ll elaborate on that later), a short description of what you’re going to discuss, followed by a treat that’s waiting at the end of the article)


The Problem/Issue – This part states why we’re here. Using this efficiently will make people relate and feel. For example, if you’re talking about a solution to back pain, people who suffer from it should want to read more.


The Data – a fascinating article summarizes the existing situation to declare that the one behind the words knows what he’s talking about and prepares the reader for the next step.


The Solution – after they’ve seen that you understood what they’re going through and after remembering that they don’t have satisfactory solutions in the modern market and traditional options. Then, all those will be ready to hear about the new way to improve their lives, followed by advantages and virtues, focusing on the exclusive ones.


Call to Action – No one will do a thing if you won’t specify what you should do next. Should they click the link? Leave their details. Tell them – and add a cause & effect: Click here to get the discount.


This is the crucial point behind a good marketing article – and you should practice those templates to perfection.


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They Keep you Hooked


Losing focus today is easy as hell – and you must keep the interest coming if you wish to keep people reading your article. For that to happen, you must implement hooks – promises towards surprising information, a title that rouses curiosity, a gift for those who’ll read until the end, and more. 


Another excellent method is telling a good story – especially if you can connect it to your outcome.


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They Understand the Importance of a Great Title


Want to keep them hooked? Start working hard since word 1#!

Offer value in your title (that’s what you’ll get), give them small bits (5 tips…), declare your article is the ultimate guide, talk about a popular topic, and so on. Nothing can make people read further more than a good title – and if you want to learn it, start reading the newspaper and see how they describe the news in a much spicier way compared to the actual item.


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They Write and Read all the Time


Writing is like a muscle – you have to train it if you want to reach new heights.

Keep reading books and content pieces that are considered worthy. Write your thoughts, abilities, lessons in life, adventures, and everything you can think about – and see how suddenly you’ll start writing better, faster, and more robust.


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They Learn about the Audience


The best marketing articles managed to get into the heads of potential customers. If you know how to do it, then you’re already halfway into the sales process. 


Everyone wants to feel that someone understands them and doesn’t want to shove products and services down their throats – and presenting empathy is the key to letting them know that you’re familiar with their ambitions and dreams.


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Start Working with the Content Leaders


Our professionals learned all those lessons years ago and are ready to demonstrate to you what they’ve perfected since then. 


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