The Battle of the Giants: Who’ll win the Gruesome Tiktok/Instagram Fight 2021?

July 5, 2021

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The digital arena knows many stories about battles between social networks (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc), but it seems there was never anything like it when it comes to this particular story.

On one side, we see Tiktok, a platform known before that got its share of fame. Still, after the rebranding phase - Things started to explode with dozens of millions of users worldwide, emphasizing one of the most popular audiences upon marketers - The younger generations.

And right on the opposite, we see quite a known champion - Instagram. This one started over a decade ago as an iOs exclusive app that got the attention of those who've already reached maturity. Still, in the last 5-7 years, it got the face stretch it aimed for by applying to kids and teenagers, boosted by being a part of one of the most substantial companies ever to exist - Facebook.

So, who can take this? We're not prophets, but we can make some educated guess regarding some crucial aspects.

The one Behind

Tiktok Synapse

Facebook was never witnessed before, and this company can only be rivaled by less than 5 other companies that managed to reach this rockstar status. They have the funds willpower to keep things rocking their way, and they're not planning on losing this status. 

On the other hand, many people claim that the Chinese Government is very interested in the success of Tiktok and that alone gives this platform one of the few remaining things Facebook doesn't have.


Social Networks

Instagram has much more experience in this area, with more feats to show - And we all know how even a few months gap can make a vast difference in the digital world. However, with a media budget of over 1 million dollars daily, Tiktok proves that it tries to close the difference - And they can do it if Instagram will lower the pressure on the pedal.


Social Networks

Well, Instagram now has more things than Tiktok. Both of them offer videos, but Instagram supports wide-angle, IGTV, and many other options such as business and creator profiles, etc. - As well as a much more advanced advertising system.


While Tiktok makes some of the young ones regard IG as "A platform for old people," they're still alive and kicking in Facebook's most satisfactory purchase. As we're talking about people above the age of 20, we can see Instagram's much bigger market share.


TikTok's fun, and so does Instagram. Still, when it comes to branding and creating a rigid and elegant look and feel, there's no doubt that Instagram offers this experience in a much more appropriate manner than Tiktok's causal approach - And many worldwide brands prove that having a Tiktok for them can be nice on the side, but certainly not be a part of the main strategy.

The Winner, for Now

Instagram already proved it knows what it's doing (With the best decision being bought by Facebook) - And the results keep showing that. For now, Instagram holds the upper hand, but we know for sure that no one can be cocky about it. Only time will tell - And until then, you're invited to let us boost your performance in either one of them ;)

The Battle of the Giants: Who’ll win the Gruesome Tiktok/Instagram Fight 2021?

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