The PPC Ultimate Checklist: How To Know Your Paid Campaign is In Place?

ppc ultimate checklist

Do you know how PPC works? Do you already have a PPC ultimate checklist for your business?

Let me ask you, who’s better: A 30 years experienced doctor or one with 5 years on the field?

The first one pops to mind almost immediately. Still, social studies have shown that sometimes their knowledge and experience are the things that may be their worst enemy: If they’re not careful, they may soon learn that their ego and arrogance made them commit a fatal error that even someone on the first day on the job could’ve avoided.

Why? Because we are human, and we tend to make mistakes of varying levels – From oversight to now knowing or caring, etc. Those studies aren’t just something created to make us think we’re no good – They also offer a solution: A detailed checklist that you can quickly go through every time you’ve done a crucial task.

In this article, we will cover all the things that you need to check in a PPC or FB paid campaign, and maybe other platforms will come next.


The PPC Ultimate Checklist You Should Have




The Difference Between Facebook Ads Campaigns, Ad-Sets & Ads



  • Did I choose the right goal? Engagement? Traffic? Messages? Remember – You can’t change it after publishing!
  • Do I want to use CBO (Cost Budget Optimization)?
  • Do I want to perform an A/B Test?
  • Is there a spending limit I want to use?
  • Do I want to use Auction/Reach and Frequency?
  • What’s my name for the campaign?
  • Is my campaign in a special category?


Ad Set

What You Need To Know About Campaign Budget Optimisation


  • Is the name fitting my audience?
  • Is my budget daily or lifetime?
  • Is it the proper budget?
  • Is this the correct currency, and if not – Is this the sum I want?
  • What’s my start date?
  • What’s my end date?
  • Do I want to run this 24/7 or during certain times?
  • Where does my audience live?
  • Where don’t I want to be seen geographically? 
  • What’s their language?
  • Do I want people living in that area or also those who pass there?
  • What’s my audience’s age range?
  • What’s their gender?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they don’t?
  • Do I have interests that aren’t relevant to my cause?
  • Do I have advanced audiences I can use or exclude?
  • Which placements should I use?
  • What’s the optimization for my delivery?
  • What’s my bid strategy?
  • What’s my bid?
  • Do I want to spread my campaign or burn it ASAP evenly?



  • Is this the right page?
  • Is my IG business page needed and connected?
  • Is this the correct media file?
  • Is this the right text?
  • Are there any typos or errors in any of the texts?
  • Did I add a call to action
  • Is this the right CTA button?
  • Did I activate the pixel?
  • Do I need a lead form or a messenger sequence? 
  • Did I choose the right post (If It’s to promote existing content)?



  • Is the pixel installed correctly with all the relevant events?
  • Is this the right ad account?
  • Does everyone that needs to have access have it?
  • Do those who don’t have it?
  • Did I publish the campaign, ad set, and ad?


Those questions may seem like a bore and a chore, but as tedious as they may be, they are based on 2 aspects you need to master:

  1. It’ll be much faster once you get the hang of it
  2. The time it’ll save you in the case you’ve made a critical error is more than significant

Even if this act makes you worry, we have a great solution at your disposal: Our expert team works in an order that’ll ensure everything will be kept in place, preventing errors for your brand and making sure your time will be well spent without compromising on your digital marketing’s quality. Ready to learn more? Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.