Tips for Service Providers that Plan on Strengthening their Digital Marketing Presence

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We’re not planning to stop anytime soon!

After years of working with various industries, we have gathered many insights and conclusions that helped us quickly manage different segments. 


This time, we want to focus on service providers. We know that this is quite a stretch considering this phrase consists of so many types of services and layouts. However, we’ve seen many similar points – and we want to show you the standard methods you can use and see results. Those tips will be relevant whenever you’re renting fishing gear, giving medical massages, or teaching people how to create outstanding digital marketing campaigns. 


Those five following tips can be used starting now – so feel free to dive in, write what you’ve learned, and share with us the actions you took and the results you got from them!


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Start Harvesting Leads


One of the main issues service providers face without even realizing it is not creating an infrastructure for lead generation: you must have at least one landing page (even if you don’t hat a website), and we expect that you’ll try at least one lead generation paid campaign, 


Without a leads engine, your business will have to rely on others or outdated ways to get new customers – and believe us, you’d better start working on this tip if you want to see traffic going your way.


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Offers are almost a Must


No matter where you come from and what goods you share on your business front, people will usually want to experience what’s going to happen and then decide. So while not all services can offer a trial (cases where the service is one-time use or too expensive), you should provide something: A free lesson, a coupon for visiting, and so forth. 


If you know how to give an excellent service, people will want to have more of that – and you’ve earned yourself a longtime customer.


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Who Says Deals and Bonuses are only for New Customers?


Let’s be honest – when we told you about creating offers, did you think about new or existing customers?


It’s ok to focus on the new customers, but you need to remember you’re much better at converting existing customers. How? After they enjoy your service, you can give them a dedicated coupon for the next time – and from there, you can increase the chances they’ll return for more.


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Create Lead Magnets


Everyone loves a freebie, including you – so give them what they ask for!


The lead magnet is a terrific way to let others know what you’re capable of and what you’ve learned. It can be a PDF, a video, a template, or anything else, as long as it can give value for free. 


Think about a guide, a lesson, or any other type of information-passing method you excel in, and create it. Done? Launch a campaign that’ll allow people to download it for free (don’t forget to include a hook that’ll let them get more if they join as customers!)


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Work Hard on your Social Proofs


While recommendations are a must for both products and services, products have standards and seals of quality they can implement to increase the reliability of their brand. Every satisfied customer should leave their remarks, and every known person you can use for influencer marketing should tell everyone about how you can create a positive change in people’s lives.


If you have those, start implementing them in your campaigns, social pages, and landing pages – and see the conversion rates go up!


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Service Providers, Come Work with the Agency that Knows what you’re Capable of


While all of the above tips are valid and vivid, they do require effort by your side, followed by dedication. At Synapse, we can save you a lot of time by embracing those principles into your business at a faster, more efficient rate than doing it solo, using unique strategies and resources that’ll increase your ROI potential. 


If you wish to enjoy them, leave your details below, and one of our experts will contact you ASAP.