A Startup’s Guide to Growth Hacking in 2023

Growth Hacking

When Sean Ellis was playing around with the idea of growth hacking in 2010, he couldn’t have imagined it would become a hit among startups. Knowing how to generate revenue without spending a cent on already established marketing strategies is a revelation.  Many may need help with how this concept works which is where growth […]

NFTs: What Is Their Role in the Metaverse?

man browsing for NFT

The role of NFTs – non-fungible tokens – is to provide proof of ownership. NFTs are usually associated with digital artwork and collectibles sold at huge prices. In September 2021, the global art industry witnessed the highest peak of sales involving NFTs with a total of $843,550. Synapse Research LTD., a trusted provider of NFT […]

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

google search engine

Digital marketing is a process crucial for the success of modern businesses, big or small. Learn all about the fundamentals of digital marketing here.

Top 3 Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Engagement

woman browsing social media

In today’s digital marketplace, social media is key to building genuine and lasting connections with your intended audience. With over 53% of the global population on social media, any brand that wants to grow its online traffic and sales must have a well-planned social media strategy. As a leading provider of social media marketing services, […]