Twitter Marketing: 7 Ways To Strategize Your Twitter Marketing

twitter marketing

Twitter marketing is the simplest way for you to market directly with your customers. The biggest problem, however, that most marketers face is that they post random tweets without any organization. This is where Twitter marketing enters.

As a result of this unplanned tweeting, many companies are unable to gain maximum potential value out of their Twitter accounts. Going social is good but if you don’t organize it properly then it can cause more harm than good.


What steps should you take when marketing on Twitter?


The first step towards establishing an effective Twitter marketing strategy would be to set some goals as to what exactly you intend to achieve using Twitter. What do you want to achieve? How will you measure your progress?

For example, if you want more traffic and visitors to your website then aim for 40-60 conversions per day. If this isn’t happening then optimize your strategy.

So let’s say that you have set up goals for your company which involve boosting traffic and sales. Now, it is time to come up with a proper marketing plan according to the goals that we have set earlier. This means knowing how much time and effort you are supposed to put into each area of your Twitter marketing plan.


Here are 7 Tips for an Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy:

1) Socialize Yourself – Go where the people go to build relationships! This is somewhat a basic tip but most brands fail to do this. The first thing that you should do before starting your campaign has created an account. 

It will help you have more control over your campaign and allow you to interact with contacts in real-time. You can personalize your profile page or simply use the default background image provided by Twitter so that it matches up to your brand’s identity. 

2) Follow other people – You could use a Twitter management tool to automatically follow relevant users. However, it is better if you start following real people manually because this will allow you to build relationships fast as well as create an authority for yourself. Once you have set your account and followed some people, make sure that you Tweet often enough so that others notice you! 

3) Create great content – This is one thing that most brands fail to do on Twitter: they focus more on marketing instead of creating valuable content. It should be your aim to provide information that helps others. Don’t just post links everywhere; take time out and write unique tweets about what’s happening in the world or share valuable tips with followers from time to time. 

4) Add value – One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is to constantly ask others to follow them. That won’t work out! You should also resist tweeting your deals and discounts because nobody likes spamming – especially on Twitter. Instead, simply add value by retweeting other people’s thoughts, ideas, and posts that might be useful for your target audience to know about. 

5) Be human – Don’t tweet like a robot; use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling in your posts so that you sound more convincing and trustworthy to followers. It will also help if you come up with unique hashtags instead of using the same ones over and over again which can make your content look kind of spammy as well; plus it can turn users off quickly. 

6) Network with others – One of the biggest advantages of Twitter is that it helps you connect with other brands and users who share similar interests as you. When setting up your profile page, make sure to add a location so that when people search for keywords related to your brand or products, they can find you easily. You should also have an idea about what hashtags are popular in your niche and use them where needed. 

7) Measure success – Twitter analytics offers great insight into how well your campaign is doing. Use statistics like ‘retweets, ‘user breakdown’ and ‘engagement time’ to measure performance and make plans accordingly.