Video Marketing 101: Questions to ask before creating a video

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Are you thinking about creating a video for your brand? Do you have everything written down? Do you know what to present? Is your brand interesting enough to engage the viewers? These are some of the questions you must first ask before dipping your toes into video marketing.  Surveys say that integrating video into your […]

8 Habits of a Successful Business Owner

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Not every successful person is cut from the same cloth, but they for sure follow similar habits.  What do you think those are?  Do you think a successful business owner dedicates his entire life to his work and grind? Or do they program their lives so that success comes naturally to them? In this article, […]

How to create a business plan to generate leads?

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  “It doesn’t take many years of experience to come up with a business plan.” – the biggest truth about business plans for lead generation.  We’ve all heard it, tall tales from TEDx speakers and business “gurus” who covet experience as if it is the only key to creating a business plan worth implementing.  The […]

Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners

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SEO for beginners can be overwhelming. There is so much information to go around that you get lost. What to implement? Which SEO optimization technique is the best to shine a light on your content? And what pitfalls to prevent so that your website can be on the search charts for a very long time? […]