Sometimes, it’s Under your Nose: What are 5 Common Mistakes in Social Posts

Sometimes, it's under your nose

Everybody has them.

But for some reason, only a chosen few can make the cut.

No, we’re not talking about a reality show. We talk about the digital reality that we know today. While we can see millions of new posts every day, most of them (And we’re talking about 95-99%) just flop. It means no engagement, no clicks, no leads, and no purchases – And as we already know, a post that doesn’t bring any of this is probably a failure on our part. 

Luckily, even if your posts are considered to belong to the lower ranks of the social ladder, you can still improve your status considerably quickly, thanks to a few pointers that everyone can adapt with ease, or at least find the one who’ll do the necessary changes for him.

Ready to roll? Here are 5 leading reasons that can explain your lack of digital achievements regarding the posts on your business page. While there are some changes regarding different social networks, we have decided to focus on the general notes you need to take – Don’t worry, there are many more methods you can use to improve! 



4 Fake Grammar Rules You Don't Need to Worry About | Mental Floss















It may seem like something not that important nowadays, but the truth speaks: Posts that have typos, errors, and lousy tempo make people disregard your post as relevant. We are not exaggerating – A post that doesn’t seem like one that nobody even bothered to take a second look at before pressing “Publish” can seem as if you don’t really care about your brand, reputation, and even your customers. So think again before you post with spaces before the quotation, answer, and exclamation marks, use tools such as Grammarly and check your typos in a Word document.  

It’s easy, it’s quick, and it can save you quite a hassle that you may haven’t known about a minute ago.

Worst Time to Upload

When are your users active?

You may regard this question as a dumb or irrelevant one, but truth told – It is important. If you know when your users are active, you know when is the ideal time to post, and that time difference can mean a 10-20% increase in metrics such as reach and engagement and even more than that. Just think about the same post, same audience, and much more results – With just a simple step (Don’t forget that you can even schedule posts!)

No Hashtags

No Hashtags | Think Different

While it’s not the most crucial thing anywhere (Instagram hashtags are a must, while you can still avoid them on Facebook without heavy consequences), using hashtags is easy and worth your while – Especially if you want new visitors in your digital assets (And who doesn’t want it?) Using around 10-15~, without repetitions between posts. Each topic has tons of hashtags, so you can’t make excuses!

No Digital Strategy

Every post that you upload must serve your digital strategy.

This is not a suggestion – This is the only method that applies to everyone.

An activity? Part of your digital strategy is the same for your added value, branding, sales, and every other type of post you can think of.

You need to catalog your posts into different topics based on your goals and plan accordingly. What’s the tempo? What suits me best and when? After you answer your questions, everything will seem brighter, and even the process of creating the posts will be much more efficient and smooth!

Too Much/Nothing

The number of posts is sort of an art. While it’s not complicated, you still need to know what you’re doing. Posting too many posts on platforms that aren’t Twitter and aren’t a part of your stories panel can be troublesome, while not posting anything can mark your business as “Not active” at best and “They just don’t give a crap about us” at worst. 

Want people to stop flagging you as spam or move on your competitors? Learn the balance – Usually 2-3 weekly posts.

We Learned from our mistakes, and we did that Eons Ago

The way of trial and error is necessary and relevant to all of us, but in modern times, you usually prefer to let the expert save you the time and hassle. Ready to begin? Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.