What are Campaign Optimizations, and why do you Need them?

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Have you heard about paid campaigns?

Many business owners, marketing managers, and brand directors are familiar with the phrase. However, a considerable margin proves that there’s still a long way to go when it comes to the actual playing field. Many of those business enthusiasts think that a paid campaign starts and ends on the same day and that if you have one campaign up and running – You can just leave it on “autopilot” and earn the fruits without any effort.

Truth be told, this is a crucial error that can directly affect your sales, leads, and revenue: A campaign needs to be reviewed constantly, and if things go wrong, the campaign manager is required to implement the necessary changes to keep the momentum going. What does he do, and when does he know he has to do something? This article will answer all those questions thoroughly.


What is Campaign Optimization?


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Launching a campaign and thinking that it’s perfect is more than ego talking. It’s a problematic point of view. A good campaigner always knows that there are parameters that he has to fix. Some can only be applied later (As we’ll see further on), and some questions still need to be tested before we’ll have a definite answer.


Basically, the optimization process can require daily changes, one modification per week, month, or even more. The elements that vary are the overall results (If it goes well, don’t try to change it – You can try and duplicate instead), the budget, the goals, and types of campaigns. For example, a 10$ daily budget campaign for an audience of 30 million people worldwide will need more time before reaching conclusions. In contrast, a 1,000$ daily campaign for the same audience will require much more tweaks and special notice.  

The actions performed vary from changing audiences, bids, budgets, placements, and more and trying a different CTA, media, buttons, and more. For example, an ad change is probably needed when the metrics show that the results aren’t good enough, while the budget can be boosted on an ad that does work, and the list goes on for almost an infinite number of combinations.

What can be the reason? Here are some prime ones.


Audience Burnt Out

Your audiences are limited – Even a global campaign has its own capacity, and if we’re talking about the big players in the market – A budget of millions can easily lead to multiple audience refreshments in a short time. 

If you see that the repetition rate (Impressions/Reach) is starting to exaggerate (It depends on the campaign type, but usually a ratio of 3-4 is more than enough), an audience optimization is needed: It can be a new one, broadening the existing (i.e., applying for more ages or locations), or switching the ad so that you can keep them close to you – But with an ad that won’t get them annoyed from constant exposure.


Results are Expensive

Clicks, Leads, adds to cart, and purchases can all be one of your desired actions you wish to see on your website or page, but if things go through the roof, you should see what needs to be done to reduce costs (Or improve the average purchase revenue). 

Those optimizations can be anything – Bids (I don’t want to spend more than 10$ on a conversion), ad change (If you improve your CTR or conversion rate, you have better chances of getting cheaper results), or an audience change. Anything goes here because it serves as one of the most critical factors – After all, someone who sells a product for 20$ that leaves him with 5$ of revenue will probably hate to see that you bring him sales with a cost of 15$ and up.


Ads Don’t Deliver

Do people even click your ads?

If you have a website, you have to make enough people get convinced to click your ad in the first place. If an ad doesn’t succeed in doing that, you should check your ads and see the root cause. 

Researches show that even a slight change such as a button, a title, or even a color can be the key difference between a successful campaign and a failed one. That reason alone is why most campaigners run with at least 2 ads simultaneously (What we know as a/b test) – So we can understand what works better for each audience, and only after then – We can pick the best ad and improve our overall score.


Optimizations are a Must – But you don’t have to do them Alone


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The examples demonstrated in this article are only a chunk of what happens daily for every campaigner in every segment. Sounds like a burden and a headache? You may be right, but those actions should be your top priority if you want to succeed. 

Our dedicated and skilled team of campaigners will be delighted to take this effort off your shoulders without compromising any quality you value, launching and operating campaigns that will be one hell of a reason for your pride and joy. Ready to take the first step? Leave your details below, and one of our experts will call you ASAP.