Make your Portfolio: What are the Main Digital Platforms, and how to Pick the Most Relevant for Your Business?

Make your portfolio

Where do I even start? Am I doing things right? Am I investing my time and resources where it counts?

Those questions are a must for every business owner, brand manager, marketing officer, etc. But, unfortunately, even though every professional digital marketer can quickly determine the best social networks for their clients, one who wants to find the answers himself doesn’t have the best resources for the matter – Sort of.

Let us be clear: The amount of information that awaits everyone online is vast. However, if someone wants to get a short analysis that can help him determine if he needs to explore this option further doesn’t seem to exist (At least in an organized and efficient matter). 

That’s why we have decided to gather all the known options in one article so you can get a quick glimpse at what awaits you. This is far from a detailed list, but it has the boost you need to begin and understand what can fit you the most. So without further adieu, let’s go!



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This is the Bread and Butter network. Almost everyone aged 25-60 has an active account (You can find youngsters and elderly, of course, but at a much lower percentage). Besides that, you have the best targeting options and the best selection of tools you can use to your advantage, no matter what segment you’re from. 


This one is for the youngsters and let us be clear – This one focuses on the image and visibility, nothing else. Topics such as books, history, technology, science, etc., are usually better shown on different social networks. Don’t forget that the audience is based mainly on minors – The content should be converted appropriately. 



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If you’re in the US, you must have Twitter. This isn’t a recommendation – It’s the truth. It’s hard to find a player on the business field that doesn’t have this in his digital arsenal. This tool also offers nice campaigns you can use for various users, mainly in the US.


Remember the Instagram rule? Then go even lower (Regarding age, of course). Kids and teens are the buzz around this social network, and if you want to get there, you need to start thinking about good ideas for short vertical videos you can produce for your brand. Don’t worry – You don’t have to hire a film crew – Some of the best uploads out there resulted from a smartphone, its camera, and a little bit of creative thinking. 

Google Ads

If someone searches for your business or what you offer, the chances are much higher. Google Search network is a must for almost every service provider, and all you need to begin is to have a landing page or a website that you own. When it comes to Google’s Display Network and Youtube are unique tools that you can see daily on the best networks and channels out there.

YouTube Channel

It’s not a joke – Almost everyone today uses Youtube. Kids and their grandparents, different genders, and every interest can find exciting content for their liking. If you believe in the quality content you can produce, this is the best option for your needs.


If you can write it, it can happen. If you can write a lot about it, you can use content marketing to your advantage.

While those digital platforms can be used to promote regular landing pages and websites, the best use is promoting an article, especially one with a dedicated call to action such as a form, a coupon, etc. 

Always remember – The main advantage of this method is that many people mistake those “Related articles” as an organic piece in the website they’re browsing through – Use it wisely!

So Many Options – Where to Pick from?

This was the tip of the iceberg, and you have much more to learn about if you wish to become a master of your digital domain. Instead of going on the journey on your own, how about working with a team of experts who can analyze your needs and how to fulfill them, starting from the first days of getting to know you and your business? Leave your details below for more info.