What Makes a Good Website

what makes a good website

A good website can be a real business-saver for small companies and individuals. If you and your company need to contact the outside world to sell or advertise your products or services, a website will become an essential tool. Anybody looking for information about your company should be able to find it at the click of a mouse; any potential customers should be able to get in touch immediately.

In the past, it was all about having a website. Fast forward to now, and that alone isn’t going to cut it. As time changes, your business needs to change as well. As a result, you need good websites now more than ever! Here’s why:

Your customers want a better experience.

The biggest reason for this is because there are so many avenues available for consumers today – conveniently accessible at their fingertips – think Amazon Prime Now, UberEats, and Dropbox. The list goes on. 

It’s no surprise that they have high expectations from brands who themselves provide a service or product online. Consumers expect their digital interactions to be rich in content, personalized, and immediately accessible across multiple touch-points.

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The trust factor

Trust is key to building relationships with your customers, and having good websites increases people’s confidence in knowing that you are who you say you are! If they can’t find out more about your brand online through your website or social media presence, most consumers won’t take the risk of doing business with you. *Cue Mark Zuckerberg*


While everyone somehow has a website today (well, almost), not everyone has created something that shows authority. It’s important for B2B companies, especially this year, to have great websites, as research shows that businesses that engage in content marketing tend to succeed over those that don’t engage in it at all. And guess what? Content Marketing = Inbound Marketing = website marketing.


Heavy websites convert more visitors into leads and customers by utilizing keyword research to find out what people are searching for online and producing relevant content to fulfill those needs. This increases the chances of a visitor clicking on optimized search engine (SEO) links on your website or blog posts, resulting in more traffic from organic search results and referral links from other websites.


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Tips on Making a Good Website

A good website should:

  • Make your customers/visitors feel something (happy, sad, mad, confused)
  • Be easy to read and navigate
  • Incorporate multimedia such as photos and videos
  • Tell a story about your business to establish trust with your audience
  • Have fresh content that’s up-to-date and relevant to what you do

Good web design can provide insight into how well a business is doing. The web should tell the visitor exactly what they need to know without having to phone or mail the company. Good visibility on search engines also depends on a clean interface and a simple layout. Therefore, a good website must have three elements present: simplicity, consistency, and completeness.


Good websites aren’t just based on aesthetics or how it looks anymore. Some of the most beautiful sites we’ve seen haven’t received much love when it comes to search engine rankings. If you’re looking to make websites this year, going the extra mile and making a good website is highly recommended for success in 2021!

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