Lead Magnets: What They Are and 10 Examples You Can Use Today

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Welcome to a new way to engage potential customers, and turn them into paying ones using one tool.

The purpose of a lead magnet is to compel your site visitors to exchange information with you, such as their email addresses, in order to obtain access. It may take the form of a whitepaper, ebook, or newsletter.

Moreover, it enables a potential customer to engage and find interest in your product or service by providing information that drives awareness.

Alternatively, a lead magnet can be a free product sample, a trial subscription, a demo, or any other incentive related to the product or service.

It is evident that no one freely gives away their email address. For the reader to opt-in to receive future messages from the brand, a lead magnet must offer value.

The principle behind the operation of a good lead magnet exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Relevance
  • Your business benefits from them
  • Their value Is perceived

Consider these lead magnet examples and brainstorm with your team which format might best serve your marketing objectives and customer needs.

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An Interactive Webinar

In a webinar, your audience can explore engaging video content and often ask questions.

It is also possible to deliver leads from webinars for months or even years after the initial live event if you make them available on-demand after the event.

We recommend narrowly focusing each webinar on a particular problem or issue.

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Developing Training Videos

It may be that your prospects are aware of your brand, but they are not quite familiar with you.

Providing them with training videos can be the key to converting them into loyal subscribers who only need to register to view the videos.

In cases where your product includes complex or numerous features, and you wish to showcase your product’s capabilities while attracting prospects, this is a great lead generation strategy.


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Trials or samples of products

There is nothing better than trying before you buy, is there?

A traditional in-store experience of sampling products can now be applied online, with the option of receiving samples by mail.

This lead generator sample must, of course, be delivered somehow. If you are a guest, you must either sign in or provide your address and email as part of the checkout process. This is when you will be asked to subscribe to receive further communications.

Lead generation techniques such as this are even more effective since if the customer is interested in the product, he will be more receptive to future offers and more inclined to make an immediate purchase.

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The purpose of a whitepaper is to provide your audience with in-depth thought leadership that shares unique data, perspectives, or advice.

By doing so, you can assist your reader in understanding a complex issue and exactly what steps they must take in order to resolve it. In B2B marketing, where clients often have a longer sales cycle and need more information to make a purchasing decision, these tools are especially advantageous.

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E-book or Mini-guide

An ebook or other guide is similar to a whitepaper in that they solve a specific problem. The length of these documents can vary from a few pages to more than 100 pages, similar to whitepapers.

The difference between whitepapers and ebooks is that whitepapers tend to be heavy on data. In contrast, ebooks tend to be easy to read and often conversational guides that assist readers in learning more about the subject matter.

There are many different types of ebooks, including educational, entertaining, and even highly visual ones.

They cover a wide range of topics, enabling the reader to understand each deeply, and an email address exchange would be well worth the effort.

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It is likely that you have experience creating a spreadsheet, slide deck, checklist, or other content from scratch and thought, “It can’t be that hard!!”

You can avoid reinventing the wheel by using editable templates. What if you could build upon the experiences of others and reduce the learning and administrative curve for yourself at the same time?

The only requirement to gain access to each one is to create an account using their email address.

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Case Studies

As part of the negotiation and sales process, case studies can provide compelling evidence of your company’s capabilities.

Nevertheless, there are several ways in which they can be used as lead generators as well.

An option is to provide the case study as a downloadable PDF and “gate” it by requiring registration to access it.

An alternative (and perhaps more engaging) way to use a case study for lead generation is to position it as news or blog content and pepper it with calls to action that are available for all to read on the website. As a result, it attracts organic search traffic as well.

A case study should identify with the reader immediately, rather than approaching them from a “Look at us!” perspective.

In addition to learning how to navigate LNG procurement as a first-time buyer, you will also have the opportunity to connect with their team and discuss your unique circumstances twice.

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Quizzes, Surveys & Polls

It is a win-win situation if you can create interactive elements that enable you to learn more about your prospect and follow up with targeted information for them.

Researchers have found that lead generation quizzes can reduce your cost per lead by up to 90%.

With this approach, you can quickly generate personalized reports, change the completion message according to the user’s input, and directly integrate with some CRM systems for easy follow-up.

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Evaluation by automation

Is your team capable of building a tool that automates the process of delivering a custom evaluation to prospects?

Using the grader, prospects can monitor the performance of their campaigns against industry benchmarks from their various accounts.

How will they improve those scores, and who will they turn to?

There is something very compelling about this type of lead generator as it clearly outlines what the prospect needs to do – getting them to engage you is just a short hop away.

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Humane Evaluation

Giving out free audits or other types of evaluations can be resource and time intensive, but this one is obviously not for everyone.

Nonetheless, it is effective when you have a small, niche audience with immediate needs.

The latter is especially true when giving some type of insight – for instance, backlink analysis or evaluations – which can lead to increased business.

Additionally, many companies, especially software vendors, offer custom audits for prospects who know they have a need but do not know the extent of it or how to address it.

Consider this option if you can convert prospects to provide enough new business to cover the service’s cost.

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Well, Didn’t it Work?

If you’re still thinking about using a lead magnet for your business, here’s a spoiler: This guide is a lead machine, and we believe it works wonderfully. Why? Because you’ve gained access to a demonstration of our knowledge, and we know that if you’ve read all of this, this information is probably relevant to you.

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