What’s so Good About Digital Marketing? Here’s Our Definitive Answer

digital marketing

Should I go with a digital marketing agency? Why should I skip posting my ads in the newspaper, TV, radio, or on a billboard?

This is for the younger generation; I like the way it used to be.

Those are some of the reactions we got along the way whenever the digital marketing option was laid on the table. Back then, we used to argue about why digital marketing is the way to go. Still, since then – things have changed dramatically, so we prefer to layout those truths and let them speak for us – because digital marketing is more than another method to get your message to others, it’s much more than that – with a unique experience that no other system will ever have.

So, why should one invest in digital marketing? What’s so good about it?

Reasons to Invest in Digital Marketing

Because We Know What Works and What Not

If people used to invest money before they knew that’s going on, bet on ratings, and hope that the extra working hours they’ve paid for will return the investment, today – You can start and always get a grip on what’s going on. Do I have leads? Adds to cart? Is my money doing what it should?

Today, you have total control over many more factors than you ever had before, and that alone is worth more than any TV campaign that just has a higher winning rate than the bets you can put your money on in the casino.

Because the Toolset is Something Else

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GIFs, polls, videos, graphic designs, landing pages, slideshows – Those are just some of the things we use daily to drive our results through the roof. But, unfortunately, TV can only give you a video, while the radio can only boast your audio jingle and the newspaper can only deliver pictures and text. 

Admit it – You can’t compete with that fine selection, and that’s before we talk about the nerve we can take when we go digital: We don’t have to take into account the hours the kids are still on the TV, and we have much fewer regulations combined with more freedom. That alone is why every brand that wants to send its authentic message must use digital marketing.

Because Analytics is Amazing

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The campaign has ended. What now?

When we’re in digital, we can have a wide array of metrics we can check and see: What platform did better, and how? What can we duplicate? What should be cut from the next campaign? What’s the best audience?

All of those answers can be answered easily by analytics, while you need to lose your head over grasping what happened in your offline campaign and pray to god it’ll keep going steady – While we can keep improving over and over again.

Because Targeting

Do we want women aged 25-34? No problem.

Do we want people who recently moved into a new apartment? Done.

Do we want the recently engaged? Sure!

Those are minor examples of the targeting options we have at our disposal today. By going digital, you save a lot of cash thanks to investing it only where it matters, instead of broadcasting for the greater audience and hope enough relevant people will be caught in your hook.

Just Feel it

If those reasons didn’t convince you yet, we offer that you’ll take the deluxe tour: At Synapse, we have the finest experts in digital marketing, set to prove why going digital is one of the best decisions you can get. Ready to see why this field is held high? Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.