What’s the Story? 5 Useful Tips for Relevant Instagram Stories

What's your story?

You may say that it’s dumb. 

It doesn’t matter.

You may tell everyone that this is the reason for the fruits of our modern today.

It’s irrelevant.

You may think that this feature only matters to young audiences and that your brand has nothing with it. 

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Stories are not an option. They are a fact. They are a tool you can use to boost your organic reach and engagement to heights that are almost impossible to achieve in most social networks, including Instagram itself. They serve as the best method to keep in touch and post updates (Besides Twitter, which is irrelevant in some countries). 

So as we said, stories are here – And we have rounded up 5 awesome tips you can use in your business profile today – And see how it affects your performance almost instantly.

Always go with Vertical.


Let us get it to your head: Stories are vertical. They are not horizontal, they are not 1920 on 1080, and you don’t create them with your smartphone laid sideways. We hope those decelerations were clear enough because we still see a few horizontal stories day by day, again and again.

Why? We have no idea. Stories are meant to be shown upside down, and the loss of space is terrifying. Even if you have gigabytes of media just waiting for you to upload them, go for it – Just in a different way. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Use it

We still see many businesses that think that the rules of a story are the same as a post. While posting 20 posts a day can be annoying and a bad plan of action, posting a few stories daily is more than welcome. That’s the real beauty – You can post different things, including content that won’t pass the post-worthy bar. 

What do we mean? It can be pictures of your employees doing what they know best: Working for you. A taste of your products or service, interesting and playful clients, the current mood, the weather outside your office’s windows, and the options are limitless. Don’t know what to post yet? Check out their competitors – Because they’re already doing it.

Demand Engagement!


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We’re not trying to create a new dictator, but we want you to ask comments, questions, and shares creatively. 

Ask them questions, use quizzes, try to make them guess things, or just ask them how they’re doing – Those options are here to increase the engagement with your audiences, and you know what happens when you land that giant goal whale – Your profile gets even more interest and reach.

Use the Tools you Have

Instagram has so many excellent tools in its set: GIFs, message buttons, countdown, meters, and much more. All of those tools may seem minimal at first, but the combinations you can create with those features are something else.

One of the magical things about creating stories is that none of them costs you a dime – So feel free to explore, test what works best for your audiences, and so on. 

Tell People Where you Are, and what you Do


The location and hashtags features on IG are something else: Your location will be shown under that location’s stories section, with the same going with hashtags. For example, do you have a bakery in California? Those who cherish pies nearby come and visit your place only because you found out the virtues of using locations or hashtags. Don’t forget that you have particular elements set for this purpose (And that you can shrink them if you want people to focus on the media without losing your advantage).

This is just the Beginning


New Beginnings - Elizabeth Presbytery








The art of a good story takes time to master, and it’s not easy to keep it up in your daily routine. Want to save time and hassle and still get results? At Synapse, we’ll appoint a digital marketing master that’ll handle all the needed business in your social profiles and tailor fabulous stories for your brand. Ready to begin? Leave your details below, and we’ll contact you ASAP.