Why Offices Need Online Concierge

Why Offices Need Online Concierge

The pandemic forced most businesses to go virtual. A year later, American employees claim that they prefer to work remotely at least three days a week. Remote setups, however, can sometimes blur the line between work and life.

Fortunately, there are online concierge services that provide the support you need, so you can dedicate time to things that matter – work and family.

The experts at Synapse Research Ltd. explain what an online concierge is and how it can benefit businesses.

What is an Online Concierge?

An online concierge is like a virtual assistant but mainly for leisure purposes. Whereas VAs assist with administrative tasks like transcription and correspondence, concierges mostly handle lifestyle management.

What is an Online Concierge
What is an Online Concierge

Using their inside knowledge and connections, they help clients find the best services, experiences, and spots in the city. A concierge often has several clients and commits to each for a set number of hours. Tasks can vary depending on the client’s needs, but they’re typically non-business-related.

How Businesses Are Using Online Concierges

Concierge services started in the hospitality industry; offered as a complimentary service to guests. Now, it is used by corporate firms, often by busybodies who are too preoccupied with work commitments. Some employers also offer it as part of their staff’s benefits package.

An online concierge can help you with the following tasks:

Securing Personal Services

You can rely on an online concierge to find the best services in your neighborhood. Whether you need a babysitter, pet sitter, gardener, dentist, or beautician – they’ll find the right person or service provider for the job.

Running Errands

People with 9 to 5 jobs often struggle to find time to complete day-to-day tasks. Thankfully, a concierge can run errands for you. This includes grocery shopping, arranging deliveries and parcel collection, laundry and dry cleaning, picking up medications, and so on. There is no task too big or small for a concierge.

Planning Holidays

An online concierge service is perfect for individuals who love to travel but hate the stress that comes with planning. They’ll book your flight, shuttle transfers, accommodation, tour guide, and more. Plus, they’ll arrange an itinerary and include the best sites, restaurants, and experiences.

Organizing Parties and Events

Whether you need to throw a birthday party or organize a soiree, an online concierge can help. They plan menus, research venues, book caterers, send out invitations, arrange entertainment, and so on. They also ensure that everything is within your budget and preferred theme. All you have to do is show up, put your dancing shoes on, and enjoy the party.

Arranging Bookings and Reservations

An online concierge can purchase tickets to concerts, sporting events, festivals, etc. on your behalf. This enables you to enjoy the things you love without waiting in long lines or dealing with online bookings.

Household Tasks

If you need help with property maintenance, a virtual concierge can connect you with the best workers – may it be a carpenter, landscape architect, painter, or electrician. Likewise, they book the jobs based on your schedule and negotiate rates according to your budget.

Administrative Support

Most online concierges focus on lifestyle support, but some provide administrative services. This includes settling billing disputes, banking issues, annual license registrations, and insurance queries.

Are Online Concierge Services Worth It?

An online concierge can be a lifesaver for employees who are pressed for time due to work commitments. Their main goal is to make your life easier by crossing off a few things on your to-do list.

Here are some ways a concierge can be beneficial to you or your employees:

Save Time

As most employees learn, time is precious when you’re running a business. Rather than spending your free time planning, researching, and booking services, you can hire a concierge to do the work for you. That way you can dedicate time to your hobbies and other things that matter.

Gain Access to Insider Knowledge

A good concierge service always looks for the best services, places, and experiences to recommend to their clients. Do you want to know the best restaurants in Italy? Call your concierge. Want to book a secluded beach resort in the Caribbean? Call your concierge. Their experience working with different clients has cultivated their insider knowledge and expertise.

Secure Special Privileges and Benefits

Concierges can tap into their vast pool of connections to grant you exclusive access to events in the fashion and entertainment industry, including concerts, sports games, red carpet premieres, charity balls, and opera performances. They can also secure discounts from top hotels, exclusive clubs, and restaurants for maximum savings.

Are Online Concierge Services Worth It
Are Online Concierge Services Worth It

Who Can Benefit from This Service?

Online concierges can take on almost any task of size and complexity. You can benefit from an online concierge service if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • Have a difficult time coping with the number of tasks on your plate
  • Have a hard time squeezing in errands due to your 9 to 5 schedule
  • Love going on trips but hate the time-consuming process of planning and booking
  • You just moved to a new neighborhood and need advice finding the best services
  • Hands-on help, even for a few hours each week, makes a significant difference in your life

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can determine whether you need extra help. If you do, feel free to reach out to the experts at Synapse Research Ltd.

Premium Concierge Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Being business people ourselves, we understand how hectic running a company can get. Synapse Research Ltd. provides the assistance you need to maximize your free time and enjoy life better. From booking holidays and reservations to running errands, our concierges are at your disposal 24/7.

Some of our services include:

  • 24/7 Personal Assistant
  • Airport VIP Service
  • Transportation
  • Babysitting and Au Pairing
  • Buying or Rental of Real Estate
  • Cleaning Services
  • Security Services
  • Handling of Insurance

Get the support you need to course through life smoothly. Get in touch with us now to book our VIP concierge service.