7 Ways to Earn Crypto – For Free

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So, you were looking online to earn crypto and ended up on this blog, huh?

Good for you. 

Buying cryptocurrencies is one of the hottest trends in not just finance but everywhere. The blockchain fever is so high that everyone wants a piece of that cryptocurrency pie. And it is a good idea. 

But what kind of route do you want to take?

Do you want to take up mining crypto – an effort that will cost you so much money in hardware that it’ll make your head spin?

Or, do you want to learn about the seven ways to earn crypto for free?

Both are possible, but this blog is for the underdogs, those who wish to venture into the volatile crypto space and come out as winners on the other side. 

So, keep reading until the end to know how to earn crypto (without paying).



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Coinbase: Use Your Cryptocurrency Knowledge to earn free crypto

If you’re new to the crypto market, Coinbase Earn is the best way for you to earn free cryptocurrency. What is Coinbase Earn? It is a program designed by America’s number 1 crypto trading platforms to team folks all about crypto. 


All it takes are three steps:


  1. Watch the videos: Watch the Coinbase-designed video tutorials about different cryptocurrencies. Make notes and learn. 
  2. Complete the quiz: There is a quiz at the end of the tutorial. Complete this test and take home the cryptocurrency.


Every quiz you complete will lead to new cryptos in your account. 


There is a downside, though. This offer is only valid in selected countries. But don’t worry; Coinbase knows the value of spreading blockchain awareness. And sooner or later, the Coinbase Earn feature will come to your country.



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Freecash: Complete Offers and Surveys to earn crypto

Do you remember in the early 2000s when websites promised to pay you in return for completing the survey? Freecash is similar to that in some ways, the difference being here, you’ll be able to earn for real.


The website teams up with research companies and advertising firms to pay those who complete surveys and location-specific tasks. 


Finishing those assignments is a good way to earn free crypto. 

You can either cash out these coins or use them as gift cards or skins for CS: GO. Here are some of the features of Freecash:


  1. Earn DOGE, Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies
  2. Get instant crypto-cash out that starts at $0.10
  3. Play games to earn crypto.
  4. Take part in activities to make $20.00 worth of crypto daily.

How to earn? The process is simple. Use your Google or Steam account to sign up, then get started. Each task you complete will give you freecash coins.


1 USD is equal to 1000 free cash coins.



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CoinMarketCap: Learn about Crypto and Earn Cryptocurrency

CoinMarketCap follows Coinbase’s approach to learn-and-earn, but with a bit of difference. 


Rewards are better. However, the tasks are more difficult. You’ll need to score a perfect 100% to earn cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, you might also get additional jobs depending on your quizzes. 


Like Coinbase, CoinMarketCap has only left this facility open for some countries. However, keep in mind that this facility works on a first-come-first-serve basis. You’ll only be able to get your hands on a finite number of tokens until the supply dries up.



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Coin Hunt World: Take a Stroll and Earn Free Crypto

Remember Pokémon-Go? Now is your chance to walk around collecting crypto. Available on Android and IOs, this move-to-earn game will have crypto coins hidden in your surroundings based on your geolocation. 

Take a stroll, collect keys, make friends and most importantly, earn cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin for free. 


Coming from the minds behind the trading platform Bittrex, Coin Hunt World is one game you can’t miss, even on Reddit. Redditors are bullish about it, saying they can earn 50 to 100 USD per week. 


It is a good amount of crypto to earn by just walking around.



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Crypto Popcoin: Earn Popcoin and Ethereum with this simple game

Earning free crypto doesn’t get any easier than Crypto Popcoin. This simple gameplay features a tapping and popping mechanic. Tap n Pop as many coins as you can before the time runs out, and earn one Popcoin at the end of each round. 


The app requires a Coinbase account if you want to earn Ethereum. To make Popcoin, though, you can choose any ERC-20 compatible wallet, such as Metamask. 


Brave Rewards: Provide Basic Attention to Earn BAT

You might have come across a browser known as Brave. It is a crypto browser that lets you earn a Basic Attention Token (BAT) by giving the browser basic attention and surfing the web using it.


The original idea behind the browser is to use those BAT coins to support your favorite creators, but the plan has changed. Now, you can verify your brave wallet and cash in your BAT coins.



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Lunr: Earn crypto by literally doing anything on the LunrCrush

LunrCrush is your one-stop-shop for all you need to know about crypto in one place. It collects everything on the internet that mentions crypto and puts them on the website so that you don’t miss a thing. 


It also gives a chance of earning free crypto – by doing effing anything. 

Sign up and earn crypto.


Connect to Twitter and earn crypto.


Refer and earn crypto.


Comment and earn crypto.


Spend time on LunrCrush and earn crypto.


It seems easy enough, right? But remember, the website only has 65,000 Lunr to give out each day. You’ll earn based on how much you interacted with the website compared to other users. 


You can cash out your Crypto from Lunr and put it in the Crypto wallet of your choice (as long as it is ERC-20 compatible). 



Here are all the ways that you can earn free cryptocurrency. You can try the simple games, but if you want to jump in and become a serious crypto investor, you should check out Coinbase and CoinMarketCap.