Pinterest Analytics: How to Use it for Your Advantage?


Managing your social media accounts is difficult enough without having to figure out your analytics as well. It is, however, always advisable to keep track of your statistics if you want to create compelling content.


The following overview will help you identify the Pinterest content that works best for your business if you dread having to learn yet another platform’s statistics.


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How to claim your account


Analytics can only be accessed if you have a business account. It is as simple as that, and if you do not already have a business account, you will see a suggestion in the upper right corner of your Pinterest page to upgrade to a business account. 


Once you have claimed your website, your profile photo and logo will appear on pins from your website. Upon completion, you will find ‘Analytics’ on the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner. Follow the simple steps to upgrade by clicking on it.




How Should You Measure Pinterest Analytics?


Pinterest provides a wealth of information. The numbers can eventually be broken down into each category and you will be able to read them. 


You should, however, follow six things on a regular basis as a beginner.


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This metric can be found on the ‘Site Metrics’ tab, just below the ‘Pin’ metric. It is highly desirable to receive repins as they contribute to engagement. By repinning content to their own boards, users make it visible to their followers. As a result, your account will be exposed to a greater number of individuals who are not currently following you.


In this section, you will find your daily average number of repins, which is a true indication of the success of your visuals. By comparing your pins and repins, you will be able to see if you are reaching a wider audience. The number of repins you receive is a bonus as well as a necessary component of growing your audience.






To access the reach of your content, scroll down to ‘Impressions and Reach’. In the graph, you can hover over the days to view the number of people who have viewed your content. For both pins and repins, it will show the average daily number of people who viewed your pins.


Using the graph, you can determine how effective individual pieces of content were on particular days. As you receive more repins, your profile becomes more visible. Moreover, you will be able to determine how large an audience your content has reached.




Visits and Visitors


To see how Pinterest helped drive traffic to your website, scroll to the bottom of the metrics tab. There are some pins that help gain followers or increase engagement, and there are others that drive traffic. 


Using this metric, you can also determine what actions people take in response to the content. In an ideal scenario, you would like both types of engagement. In this manner, you will be able to identify which pins are driving traffic to your website and adjust your content accordingly to see improvements in this type of activity. Calls to action, how-to instructions, and stunning images are some examples of visuals that will attract visitors to your website.


In this case, it may be confusing to compare how many visitors you had to your website with how many views you had. You will be more likely to see a conversion if the same person is viewing multiple pages, indicating a deeper interest in your business.


For the purpose of gaining customers and expanding your reach, you need new and return visitors. Your reach on Pinterest can also be extended by attracting new visitors and receiving repins from them. Also, if they return from Pinterest, this indicates that your content is valuable to them, and that is exactly what you are looking for.




Most Repinned


On your dashboard, you can find the ‘Most Repinned’ report. In the next step, you will be able to select a timeframe for your review. That is a valuable metric as it will help you determine what content you are doing well. This feature allows you to see your most popular content in order to gain a clearer understanding of what people are responding positively to.


This tab displays the actual pins, making it easy to determine which pins have been effective. Alternatively, you may export it into an Excel spreadsheet so that you can easily access the URLs. In our opinion, this is probably the most important aspect of evaluating your effectiveness in reaching your target audience, not to mention the easiest.


If you are noticing patterns in your content, such as the types of images, the colors used, and the kind of text, you may be able to use them to plan more similar content. By providing consistent content that people consider valuable, you will be able to gain more exposure for your account. Your content plan will be successful if you focus on your successes. It is important to continue to experiment with new ideas so that you may be able to achieve even greater results. The potential for improvement is always present.






To determine which pins from your website and account are generating the most traffic, click on the ‘Most Clicked’ tab on the top navigation of the analytics dashboard. The numbers can be reviewed by selecting a date range. Considering Pinterest’s ability to generate revenue, these numbers are important.


In comparison to Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest represents the largest revenue generator according to Convertro. Taking advantage of this fact will allow you to create more enticing content by focusing on the most clicked content. Additionally, you can use this metric to determine whether your Pin It button is generating pins. If you wish to determine whether or not your button is effective, you can look for parallels between your content and its position. You may be encouraged to utilize it more often as a means of driving conversions to your website if you do so.




A Final Note


You can use this guide to familiarize yourself with Pinterest analytics. 


As you gain experience in accessing these six metrics, allow your curiosity and newly acquired expertise to lead you to further numbers. 


If you wish to further enhance your Pinterest account, we’d be more than happy to appoint you with one of our social media experts. Click here to learn more.