11 Ways to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing in 2022

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As a result of Covid-19, we’ve seen a shift toward more online marketing since the outbreak, which has altered how people communicate, socialize, and search for information.


Marketing professionals have always stated that engaging new customers are similar to dating. Now it’s similar to online dating. There is no doubt your business is suffering right now if you are not focused on building relationships online or you do not have a customer journey that includes lots of digital goodies along the way.

Because content marketing is all about presenting your company story in a context that appeals to your target audience, it is more relevant than ever. The quality of the content you create will determine whether you succeed in building brand awareness or generating leads.

It’s difficult to succeed with content marketing, and you should not expect great results if you assign it to your marketing intern.

Content marketing is hard work, but it can fuel massive revenue growth for your business when done properly. Read on to learn why it works, how to get started, and the 11 best tactics for a successful content marketing campaign.

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How do I Begin?

The truth is that content without a strategy is just noise. It is important for you to define your goals and determine how you will achieve them before you commission your first blog or produce your first webinar.

  •     As an organization, what are our vision and purpose?
  •     Is there one thing we wish to be known for?
  •     Is there a particular pain point that we address for our customers?
  •     How can we provide our audience with valuable insights?
  •     Is there a way to present our offerings in an engaging manner?
  •     Would it be possible to cover topics that would resonate with our prospects?

Once you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, your content can begin to spread throughout your industry and around the globe. Compelling and interesting content will capture your audience’s attention and inspire people to respond and share.

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It may seem as if people’s inboxes are overflowing these days, but drip email campaigns are still a great way to keep your buyers informed. Subject lines play a key role in getting your emails opened. Keep them short and interesting (or at least entertaining). Emails should be short, easy to scan (with bullet points if necessary), visually appealing, and actionable (with at least one strong call to action).

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According to studies, businesses that publish blogs see 126% more leads than those that do not. Create posts that are relevant to your audience while still allowing you to highlight the benefits of your business. 

Include desirable keywords in your title in order to enhance the performance of your SEO campaign. Also, consider how your audience might conduct an online search for information on your topic and incorporate this into your title.

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Social Media

A content calendar is a valuable tool for building brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. You should plan what you will discuss when using social media content. Keeping the conversation on a chatty, human level, try to find ways to engage your audience (think polls, quizzes and provocative topics).

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Think Like PPC

Writing concise and playful copy is essential to getting people’s attention and enhancing your click-through rates. Come up with a hook that relates to your audience’s pain points and take them to an exciting destination.

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People love infographics because they tell a story visually and are great for sharing on social media. They are also excellent for use on websites, email, and printed materials. If you have the time to do your research and write the copy, let a designer devise a creative way to visualize your information. Infographics should cover a single topic and may be divided into modules or chapters.

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In spite of the fact that videos are time-consuming and expensive to produce, they can be extremely valuable to your brand. A great video will create buzz around your brand. You can make a company overview, demonstration, case study or explainer video to name a few. If you are creating a social media video ad, keep it under 30 seconds, and make sure to include captions. Make sure it is fun, interesting, and short.

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Case Studies

A successful case study (also referred to as a success story) focuses on your customer’s journey rather than your company. Why? Buyers want to know what others with similar challenges experienced and how they benefited from your service. Use lots of client quotes and data points to make the story more relatable and interesting. Tell a story about real people succeeding in their quest.

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The best calculators focus on factors such as return on investment (ROI), the total cost of ownership (TCO), additional revenue your products can generate, and cost savings.

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It is estimated that more than 144 million people listen to podcasts. Find an angle for an ongoing series that will appeal to your audience to capture a piece of that action. Your podcast should be thought-provoking and engaging, not sales-oriented. It is important to tell interesting stories, host great guests and invest in high-quality equipment to gain a larger audience.

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In order to attract a large audience to your webinar, you should think carefully about what your audience is interested in, as well as what a catchy title might be to attract them. Next, locate expert speakers who will do well in front of a camera. Typically, webinars take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 11 am. You may wish to have one presenter or a panel discussion with plenty of Q&A. You should rehearse frequently, have speakers wear headsets, and ensure that technical assistance is available during the presentation.

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White Papers and eBooks

In most cases, white papers and eBooks are very similar, but eBooks are generally more conversational and less scholarly. It is a good idea to capture leads who are late in the buying cycle and likely familiar with your offerings by having website prospects sign up for thought leadership pieces.

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You can Start with One, or go with those who’ll Give you Everything

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