Is it Possible to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO? The Answer Lies Here

Is it possible to increase website traffic without SEO?

Would you like to know how to increase traffic on your website? Of course, everyone who runs a website would want to get more visitors. Increasing web traffic is one of the most challenging things that a marketer will ever do. However, it’s about as tricky as boiling water with the right tools and techniques in place.

What methods for getting a higher amount of site visits are there without using search engine optimization (SEO)? There is no clear cut answer here, but if you were to ask us, we’d say give some or all of these eight tips a try:

Easy Access: Fast and Simple Strategies to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

1) Make Your Website Mobile Responsive 

According to research from Google, over half of all searches done on smartphones return results that aren’t mobile-friendly. If people can’t read and interact with your website on their smartphones, they won’t visit it and go with one of your competitors who has a mobile responsive web page.

2) Have a Unique Homepage 

A unique homepage is the first thing that most site visitors will see, so it is essential to stand out from the crowd for them to be more likely to stay on your site. I strongly recommend you check out Hubspot’s exciting infographic about what makes a great homepage. It might just save you from making some common page design mistakes that many businesses make!

3) Create an Attractive Contact Page 

Your contact page is often looked at when someone wants to get in touch with you. Make sure it has all of the information that a customer needs to contact you and have a clear call-to-action for them to click on to get their message across quickly.

4) Add a Site Search Feature 

Can visitors find what they are looking for quickly? If not, then adding a site search feature is the best way to help your customers accomplish just that. Unfortunately, many companies still think that having a website search box clutters up their website. Still, research from Hubspot found that only 1 out of every ten people who look at websites with this feature don’t use it when they’re trying to find something on websites.

Social Media Buttons with Hover Effect Using HTML & CSS - DEV Community

5) Add More Social Media Buttons 

The more social media buttons you have on your site, the better. This is because sharing content on social media is an essential part of increasing traffic nowadays.

6) Use Appealing Call to Action Buttons 

Your call to action buttons are one of the essential parts of your website, for it’s where people will take action when they’re ready to make a purchase or sign up for something. So make sure you utilize them to get more visitors!

7) Have an Engaging About Page

What would happen if you stopped reading this article right now? Well, unless you are interested in learning how to increase traffic without SEO, the chances are good that you wouldn’t return and read all the rest of the things I have to say about this subject. This is because people who come across your website for the first time typically won’t be interested enough in it to read more than one page. If you want them to stick around and learn more about your company, then you’re going to need an engaging About page that keeps them reading.

8) Publish New Content Regularly 

Even if you have a blog with great content on it already, the chances are good that someone will quickly lose interest in what you’ve had to say if they visit your site and see nothing new has been published since last year!