The Ultimate “I Need an Idea for my Business Page Post” Cheat Sheet


You know you have a drum up fresh social media content ideas to keep your followers interested and attract new people to your account. But it can be downright exhausting to be creative daily and deliver content gold on multiple platforms.


So we’re here to help. With this cheatsheet of solid content ideas for each primary social channel, you’ll keep your social media strategy ahead of the curve. You’ll never find yourself staring at a blank content calendar again.


Ask Questions


  • Get to know your audience by asking them what their biggest business struggle is
  • Identify the next post you should make by asking your audience
  • Ask what topic you should cover in a live video
  • Inquire about your business or industry
  • Request recommendations (books, courses, or business-related products)


Story Ideas for Social Media


  • Share your struggles and how you overcame them (failures and successes)
  • Tell the story of someone else who has inspired you
  • Describe a funny business-related story
  • Tell us about yourself (who you are and what you are passionate about)
  • Post photos or videos of behind-the-scenes
  • Creating video recordings of business events
  • Explain why you decided to purchase a product or join a company
  • Describe how your products help people and how they can benefit from them
  • Get testimonials from your customers and share them with your audience


Quotes to Share


  • Share a funny quote related to your area of expertise
  • Ask your audience what they think of a quote that you have shared
  • Allow your audience to share their favorite quote (graphics or text)
  • Give your audience an inspirational quote and explain how it helped you through a difficult time


Social Media Content for Businesses


  • Distribute a coupon code
  • Discuss a product that is on sale
  • Offer your products or services for sale
  • Introduce your new product to the market
  • Let us know how the product helped you and the benefits it provided
  • Organize a flash sale for only one day


Post Ideas for Each Day of the Week


  • Day of motivation (motivate your audience)
  • The tip of the day (related to your niche) 
  • Celebrate Wisdom Day 
  • It’s Throwback Thursday (photos of your previous results or a trip you took)
  • Day of freebies (give a freebie)
  • The Special Day (discuss something special)
  • Today was a fun day (tell us about it)




  • Give your audience a free Social Media calendar to challenge them to post every day for 30 days
  • Organize a challenge related to your niche (for example, a weight loss challenge).
  • Encourage your audience to write down three goals and achieve at least one of them within a week
  • If you are unable to come up with any ideas, ask your audience what challenges they would like to face next.


Video Content Ideas for Social Media


  • Plan and host a webinar
  • Create a live video (on a profile, page, group, or story)
  • Organize a live giveaway
  • Put together a video with a couple of tips (from your blog), and then direct your audience to your blog post (share a link) for more tips
  • Interview a senior executive in your organization
  • Show behind-the-scenes and your lifestyle in a short video
  • Organize a live video interview entitled “Ask Me Anything”


Social media content ideas for how-tos


  • Give a step-by-step explanation of how to do something (such as setting up your profile).
  • Describe how to create something specific to your niche in a blog post
  • Write down your goals and share a step-by-step guide to accomplishing them


Ideas for social media content for mini-courses


  • Develop a 5-day mini-course on a specific topic in your field
  • Create a 7-day email mini-course (send one email a day for seven days)
  • Put together mini-courses and post them on your blog or website
  • Create a seven-day mini-course in your Facebook group
  • Create a five-day mini-course and share it on all social media platforms


Give away freebies and giveaways


  • Give away products to your most loyal fans
  • Create a freebie that addresses a specific issue that your audience faces
  • Promote a bombastic Giveaway (create rules: they must like, comment, and share your post or video).
  • Offer a 15-minute coaching call as a giveaway
  • Give away a free e-book in exchange for their email address


Include your Followers and Fans in your Remarks


  • Thank new followers for joining your group or page, and welcome them
  • A shout-out to your top fans
  • Thank your X followers, and celebrate your milestone
  • Thank a fan for their testimonial
  • Make a special gift available to your followers
  • Each week, select one winner and send them the link to your VIP list. They will receive at least one freebie each week


Promote your Content Across Multiple Platforms


  • Your Instagram post should be shared on your Facebook page
  • Share a similar post on all social media platforms (distribute them throughout the week)
  • Make use of the same photo/graphic on other social media platforms
  • Promote your Instagram account on your Facebook page, ask people to follow you, and follow them back
  • Send your social media content to your email list (some of your subscribers will respond to your posts)


Ideas for Poll Content on Social Media


  • Ask a specific question in your live video by creating a Facebook poll
  • Post a Facebook poll on your profile or page
  • Post a poll in your Facebook stories (groups, pages, profiles)
  • Make a poll available in Instagram stories


Tell us about your Life Tips


  • Describe the routine you follow in the morning
  • What are your top three favorite books for personal development?
  • Describe a leader who inspires you
  • Provide a quick time-saving tip
  • Describe how you prepare for the day or week ahead
  • Tell us about all the things you do on a daily basis
  • Tell us about your favorite organizing apps


Develop a mailing list for your business


  • Encourage people to sign up for your email list
  • Establish a special email list and promote it
  • Share your email list on social media and create freebies to grow your email list


Tools & Resources you should Know About


  • Discuss the tools you use to create content
  • What are your favorite apps for creating great photos?
  • What resources have helped you grow your business?
  • Discuss time-saving tools


Describe yourself in Content


  • Answer people’s questions in an “Ask me anything” posting
  • Tell us what’s on your bucket list
  • Create a vision board and share it
  • Describe your values and what you stand for
  • What is your next travel plan?
  • Tell us about your favorite travel destinations
  • Explain why you started working in the online business, what attracted you most, and what you do not like about it
  • Which motivational speaker is your favorite and why?
  • Prepare a letter to your younger self (include a picture of yourself as a child).


Product-related Social Media Content Ideas


  • Make a video showing how you use your products
  • Provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about your products
  • Show off your upcoming product with a sneak peek




  • Take advantage of social media to promote your new blog post
  • Share your older blog posts on social media
  • Explain what you learned from someone else’s blog post
  • Post a guest blog on someone else’s blog


Ideas for other social media content


  • Make use of your old content (photos, quotes, graphics…) by re-sharing it
  • Let us know about some interesting news about your niche or business
  • Describe your favorite activities (alone or with your family).
  • Tell us five things most people don’t know about you
  • Publish fill-in-the-blank posts
  • Create a post entitled “Guess the right answer” (something about you or your company – create a poll or give them a choice of A, B, or C).
  • Thank your top customers or followers with a shoutout
  • Tell us about the events you plan to host 
  • Let your user base know what podcasts you enjoy
  • Discuss marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Find out how your followers found you by asking them
  • Provide some statistics relevant to your field
  • Prepare a case study
  • Tell us why you are doing what you are doing
  • Tell us a few fun facts about yourself
  • Wishing everyone a happy holiday season
  • Post an infographic
  • Post a day in the life of
  • Make a recommendation for someone else your audience should follow
  • Ask your followers to title a photo you post





This is just the Beginning 


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