Top SEO Practices You Should Possess

seo practices

To improve your Google ranking, you may use a variety of tactics and techniques, especially following SEO practices. And to rank on Google’s first page, you must first master the fundamentals. You’ll be setting the foundation for your site’s increased search exposure with certain SEO strategies.

You may go on to more complex keyword research and link-building techniques after you’ve established the foundation. In this article, I’ll go through the top SEO strategies you should know if you want to improve your search engine ranks.

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SEO Practices You Should Possess


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You must create content that is relevant to the search intent of your target audience. Google’s main objective is to understand search intent. So you’ll need to understand the concept of search intent and provide content that fits user intent. 


To consider, there are four types of search intent:


When a user searches for specific information, it is classified as informative purpose. It may be an easy search with immediate results. It might be something more complicated that requires a more comprehensive explanation.


Navigational is when the searchers are looking for websites or applications. “Facebook login,” “Instagram,” and “Amazon” are all common navigational queries.


When a user is seeking a certain product but hasn’t made a final selection, the intent is commercial. Commercial searches, for example, include terms like “best canvas” and “best paintings.”


In transactional, the intent is to buy. The searcher has already decided to purchase a certain product or tool. Search terms like “buy Xiaomi Mi 10,” “buy iPhone 12,” and “purchase Samsung A12” are examples. If you want to rank for the keywords “best phone,” you must understand that the search goal is commercial.  

When people search for “best phones,” Google understands what they want. They want a blog article or a video that lists the finest phones, not product sites or e-commerce pages. It is not transactional since the consumer is still uncertain about which brand of phone to buy.


Writing a catchy Title Tag and Meta Description


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Title Tags

The title tags in search results are clickable headlines. The first 50-60 characters of a title are displayed by search engines.

Google requires title tags to be under 60 characters. So if your title tag is under 60 characters, your complete title tag will be displayed. That is why you must come up with a captivating title tag while staying within the constraints.

Meta Description

A meta description is a short explanation of a blog, article, or page. This appears after the title tag in SERPs. Meta descriptions have no bearing on search engine results. 

They do, however, have an impact on click-through rates. Meta descriptions are generally truncated by Google to 155–160 characters. Giving an accurate description of your content while keeping it under 160 characters is a good SEO strategy.


Optimize Your Page Speed


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You will have a lot of disappointed users if your site takes a long time to load. So if your site will take time to load, this will decrease your ranking. There are several free tools available to help you test your page speed.

GTMetrix is the tool I recommend for this purpose. This free tool gives you information on the speed of your website. It makes suggestions for measures you may do to optimize your load time.

There are a few more things you may do to speed up the loading of your pages. You can reduce server response time, the number of redirects, and the size of CSS and JavaScript files. In addition, you can also allow caching in your browser and remove any plugins that aren’t needed.


Use Internal Linking


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Internal connections are crucial since they build a website’s information structure. It also aids Google in gaining a better grasp of your page’s content. When utilized correctly, it may dramatically improve your rankings.

Internal links from your site’s top-ranking pages to low-ranking pages are SEO best practices. Semrush may also assist you in identifying and resolving internal linking issues on your website.


If you want to enhance your search rankings, the SEO-suggested techniques listed below are the best to start. Regardless of your industry, competition to be the first page of Google is tough. So make sure you have good SEO practices and apply it correctly.