Impact of Frequent Price Changes on MAP Compliance





Price changes used to occur annually, but in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, they are becoming increasingly frequent and critical. Rising freight and raw material costs necessitate swift and efficient price adjustments. We recently spoke with a manufacturer who mentioned it took them approximately 60 days to implement a new price file. In the current inflationary climate, it’s almost time to announce the next price increase after 60 days! Luckily, we simplify these price changes for our clients. All it takes is sending us an email with the new file, and we handle the rest. There’s no need to access a portal and format the file accordingly. Clients only need to send us the price file to ensure enforcement aligns with internal price notifications.




Regarding price notifications, we guarantee that manufacturers’ new price files reach all their resellers, including those they don’t directly communicate with. We notify Amazon, eBay, and Walmart sellers in one straightforward email. This provides resellers with ample time to prepare and implement the changes by the designated date. It also makes it easier to address violators who procrastinate on uploading the price alterations. Resellers have sufficient time to prepare, and even if the wholesale distributor (WD) hasn’t uploaded the latest prices, resellers remain accountable for their own prices. Often, resellers claim that the WD still has the old pricing, which is an unacceptable excuse, particularly if they have been notified beforehand. This is one way we ease our clients’ lives and proactively address potential advertised price violation issues.


IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to update your data services as well! Updating one without the other can lead to a MAP violation disaster.