5 Free Website Traffic Ideas for entrepreneurs

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For a small business, increasing website traffic is the most important factor. However, most tend to resort to that same old – more-content-more-keywords – approach that doesn’t pay off.

Increasing website traffic has resurrected businesses by bringing in new audiences. 

However, the quality of traffic matters too. Good quality traffic that’s organic says a lot about the type of content you deliver. Your customers become the consumers of your content – always coming back for more. Engrossed by your website’s offerings, they buy more. 

Sounds alright? 

If so, it is time that we explore 7 free website traffic generating ideas that will level up your enterprise.

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Use social media to talk to a wider audience.

Social media is a free marketing tool. If you use it right, you can not only reach out to a large audience, but you can also engage with them. What’s even more impressive is that traction on social media relies on posts – simple-worded content in the form of texts, pictures saying more with less. The more relevant your post is, the more appealing your offers appear. 

But, to do this correctly, you must optimize your posts and have a deep understanding of the best social media posting times.

If you take care of those little nuances and provide high-quality content, you’ll receive high-quality engagement. You will start seeing a rapid rise in your social media activity and website. Here are some traffic generation tips via social media:

  1. Create legitimate accounts
  2. Post at regular intervals
  3. Provide high-quality content
  4. Always keep track of your CTR – it will help you strategize your posts. 

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Purists often see Hashtags are vanity – a bottom of the barrel approach to get your post seen on social media posts. But they are much more than just that. A clever implementation of them can help you categorize your content, extend the reach of your posts and attract niche audiences. To the discerning eyes, this all can translate into attracting website traffic that you can sell to.

But there is a significant difference between slapping hashtags wildly and implementing them with a certain panache. There is a proper hashtag etiquette to keep in mind, and it’s different for each platform. The biggest traffic drivers are the hashtags encompassing the following qualities:

  1. On-Brand
  2. Memorable, 
  3. Short
  4. And ethical, a point that got lost in translation since the pandemic and the inappropriate use of #covid19

 As your brand starts getting traction, there will come the point where you can create your own hashtags. And brand hashtags are considered the biggest online website traffic generators of high quality.

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Engage with quality posts

The most successful blogs are those that create conversations. And the most successful conversations are those that generate traffic. Commenting on social media posts or blog posts is an old SEO trick to create backlinks. However, times have changed. People have developed an eye for differentiating between posts that add to the conversation and one that is only there to ride the wave of engagement. 

Comment with a purpose. Put valuable inputs on a post that you like. Attempt to start a conversation. If you respectfully purpose your comments, the post creator would want to engage with you. And if you’re open to fruitfully carrying forward the discussion in the comment section, other commentators will start showing interest.

You can leverage small comments as micro-content to create a post within another post. It is one of the hardly-used but the most efficient tactics. Tips to give good comments:

  1. Put clear points forward.
  2. Try to be controversial without trying too hard.
  3. Positively engage with every commentator.


SEO-Optimize your pages

Before you publish your content or put your website out there in front of the world, take your time optimizing it using free-to-use plugins like Yoast. 

It provides ratings for your page based on your focus on the SEO keyword. Also, it ranks your page based on the readability of your content. So, install this little plugin on your website and create content with a catchy headline, a better eye for the SEO guidelines and a good readability score.

Patience is the key to optimizing your content based on the search engines. It is one of the essential free website traffic generating tips and the most critical. Here are some tips to SEO optimize your content:

  1. The headline should lie between 55-60 characters.
  2. The meta description should have a length of between 155-160 characters.
  3. Keyword density SHOULD NOT be more than 2%.