The Hidden Advantage of MAP Monitoring for Boosting Sales





A common concern among potential clients before implementing a MAP program is the possibility of a decline in sales. While this worry is understandable, we’ve observed that sales generally increase following the implementation of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) or Minimum Resale Price (MRP) policies. Without these policies, numerous brands struggle to expand into superior wholesale distributors and secure serious dealers. These distributors and dealers require controlled sales channels and online pricing for the product lines they carry. We assist with this aspect and alleviate the burden from sales personnel, who excel at generating sales but not at enforcing policies. Our service also helps increase sales through other more direct methods.




In addition to identifying and monitoring violations, we discover non-violations as well. This process provides clients with a list of compliant sellers for all their parts. This list is invaluable. Some of these sellers might be receiving feeds directly from wholesale distributors without having a relationship with the manufacturer. With our monitoring, brands can enable sales teams to establish direct connections with these reputable sellers and start building relationships. Manufacturers can inform them about promotions, sales, recalls, research and development, and more. The ability to easily identify sellers who represent your brand professionally and reliably is incredibly valuable. Distribute this list to stocking dealers, field sales representatives, and sales staff to foster and expand their business. Your stocking dealers and sales teams will appreciate the pre-qualified leads you provide, resulting in increased sales.


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