The Evolution of the Modern Personal Assistant

The Evolution of the Modern Personal Assistant

The old-fashioned personal assistant basically did everything that their boss didn’t feel like doing. They acted as adult babysitters in addition to doing administrative tasks, transferring calls, and accomplishing other tasks listed down in a PA’s job description. Thanks to technology, however, the PA has evolved.

Today, there are over 40,000 personal assistants employed in the United States. A majority of them work in New York City and in Los Angeles, California. The type of workload hasn’t changed. But considering how automation can handle their menial workload, personal assistants must focus on the evolution of their skill set. Their changing role has led to the birth of the virtual assistant.

Synapse Research Ltd. breaks down what the modern personal assistant does.

What’s The Next Stage of Evolution For Personal Assistants?

Automation streamlines many tasks for personal assistants. It adds events to calendars, gives flight status updates, sets alarms and reminders, and regulates smart devices, among many other functions.

One might think that these features make the personal assistant obsolete. On the contrary, PAs might say that automation actually gives them a chance to do more. The automation of day-to-day administrative tasks lets them develop their skills in ways that are more beneficial for their client or for their company.

There’s still space for the personal assistant within the corporate world. But these assistants should be more involved in the operations. For example, company executives can have more productive meetings when they get pointers from assistants who are educated in the executive decision-making process. Up-and-coming managers can also benefit from skilled assistants who help them adjust to their roles.

That being said, in-house personal assistants are transitioning to a higher role while leaving behind the more mundane tasks to a relatively new type of PA — the virtual assistant.

How Does a Virtual Assistant Operate?

Traditionalist businesspersons might hesitate to get a virtual assistant. They might wonder how these assistants can understand them and their business if they work from a remote location.

In reality, however, virtual assistants are specifically trained to handle day-to-day administrative tasks. They can do most tasks that old-fashioned secretaries were tasked to do. Communication isn’t a problem, either, because internet connectivity allows you to reach them anytime you need to. They’re also more cost-effective because you’re only paying for their services, excluding the benefits of in-house staff.

How Does a Virtual Assistant Operate

Here’s how corporate organizations can benefit from hiring virtual assistants:

  • Pay a modular rate for someone to arrange activities, make travel plans, assist with transportation arrangements, and handle a tailored set of administrative tasks that your organization needs.
  • Stay on top of your workload while trained and experienced assistants handle the rest.
  • Have more time and energy to concentrate on what matters most to the business.
  • Give in-house staff more flexibility to focus on important or data-sensitive tasks.

Virtual assistants aren’t limited to clients in the corporate world. Private clients can also benefit from virtual concierge services. They can set up everything you need them to. Some examples are:

  • Providing a wide range of 24/7 personal services
  • Arranging transportation and airport VIP services
  • Booking tickets, tours, guides, and hotels for tourism
  • Booking tickets and reservations for any event or establishment
  • Organizing babysitter services, au pair services, and activities for children
  • Handling insurance, banking, legal, and municipal services on your behalf
  • Taking charge of real estate buying and rental responsibilities
  • Arranging security services for you or your property
  • Contributing creative problem-solving solutions

Given these examples, it’s safe to say that virtual assistants can act as your personal assistant without needing to be on the scene. The right virtual assistant provider can even offer 24/7 emergency services. All you need to do is tell them what they need to do, and any task or errand will be promptly taken care of.

What is The Value of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants help individuals meet non-stop demands in their professional and personal lives, especially those who have second thoughts about hiring an in-house secretary.

Consider these reasons for hiring a virtual assistant, particularly for businesses:

No Hiring and Onboarding Costs

Companies can either tap their HR departments or work with recruitment agencies to hunt for qualified candidates. This could take time, though. And you would inevitably spend on hiring, onboarding, and training. Additionally, no matter how skilled the applicants are, they might not be trained specifically to do assistant work. So, they might not be able to hit the ground running.

Reduced Operating Costs

A virtual assistant can help you delegate tasks and accomplish day-to-day administrative work — nothing more, nothing less. You will only pay for the specific services they provide, instead of the total salary of a full-time, in-house employee. You don’t have to worry about attrition rates, either, because assistants that work from home have a lower attrition rate and higher work satisfaction.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Remote workers generally take fewer breaks and sick days than employees who report to the office. Virtual assistants also find that they have more time on their hands, allowing them to accommodate you and accomplish their tasks more efficiently. You’re paying the minimal cost for trained individuals, proven efficiency, and work that always gets done on time.

Experienced and Multidisciplinary Team

Virtual assistants are jack of all trades, but not in the way that traditional PAs are oftentimes forced to learn everything on the job. Instead, multidisciplinary VAs are trained to have all the qualities needed to do everything you ask of them, from scheduling meetings and taking calls to organizing events and contributing creative problem solving. This is their full-time job.

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